Friday, July 17, 2009

hell to the fuck yes | macross frontier movie!

hell to the fuck yes! one of the best news I've heard all day!

MACROSS FRONTIER THE MOVIE MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAOH THE SCANDAL >Dalto you little fag you~ANDbrera-oujisama gets a new outfit >33333

Alto and Sheryl did a tribute to Isamu and Myung's sky scene gbrhnre blaarggh from what I hear 8D Iunno, totally uber nerd postage right here but. I needed it. This calls for a Macross Frontier ringtone because I'm not cool enough for Jrock ringtones anymore.

Its definitely brought me something good though, a distraction. Been pretty emo/angry/angsty lately and I fucking hate that. but! yes. hell to the fuck yes for the Macross Frontier movie.

I also wanna make Jin Kisaragi's blackxred alternative outfit. Probly will never do it, no confidence in myself as a cosplayer. I love the construction aspect but not so much as the wearing it. Too much elistists out there that only brings you down. I hate it when I write like this. Its not me.


Instead of making a whole another post after this, that would make it a total of 3 posts in one day, but no, I wont allow myself to be that lame and pathetic since what I'm about to be writing is seriously asking for some patheticness.

Because. Its a fucking friday night but it was barely 9 when I got home and already I'm fucking exhaused. All I wanted to do was shower, and sleep and prep myself for work the next day. normally I'd be fucking out and about on a friday night (true that I dont really do much but I felt like I could have been able to do something more but I'm not) I totally feel like a fag loser and someone whos old. I feel old. =___= I have work tomorrow and I only have sunday off. And then my cycle starts again. This is quite pathetic. Its a friday night. and I'm sitting here downloading music and sadly attempting at filling up the hand-me-down mp3 player with some musica. And then i'm probly going to down some ramen. A round or two of Halo and maybe another round or two of Blazblue (if I even get there is lucky) then I'm knocking out and heading to bed. Tomorrow is saturday and I'm off by 6. but. Again, I have no plans.
Wtfuck. Thats fucking sad.

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