Friday, April 26, 2013

254. Because I lost count & I think I'm back from the dead

Good gawd where have I been? Probably on a drinking binge, shameless COD zombie runs and just laying around the condo contemplating my life choices and realizing within a few weeks I'm gonna be one more year older but not so much wiser

This is my hipster instabits for the week I guess....shoots self



Someone on tumblr once asked me what equipment I use and this is also on my DeviantArt Page. I have the shittiest oldest dslr ever. Its a old ass Sony Alpha 100 dslr. Nothing fancy. I use 2 lenses with it. An external Flash with a softbox and a reflector are all I use. I'm a poor adult whos got bills to pay ): would love a new camera but alas someday.
$1 sunglasses from eBay because who doesn't love obnoxious wannabe hipster glasses. Did I also mention I'm gonna be seeing Marina & The Diamonds in May? Coz you know, you gotta be a heartbreaker.
Green Tea Pocky from Ash. AAAH SO good. Gave em' to me last day of Conji and I barely am working through 1 packet (crazy rationing much?!) lol. Their that good lol. And of course, my green tea frap with extra matcha (always gets 4-5 scoops. skim milk no whip) And I'm starting to hate that lanyard lol mostly because I'm reminded how annoying AX is lol but I always end up going without fail )': I just want a new lanyard lol.

Hah no really, I just havent had time to really update much. Conji came and gone. I didn't really get much photos from Conji than I had originally wanted. There were definitely more photographers than there were cosplayers and there was also a overcast most of the weekend - but atleast it didn't rain like it did the previous year. I also forgot to bring my reflector with me during the weekend. Oh well. Ran into a few people but only managed to do 1 real photoshoot with the lovely Emily Smith as Su from Clover. Photos down below~ or on the next photo dump....

I think I also got a legion of new followers - holla ladies and gents, how you doin'? How you stumbled on this blog I will never know. Hopefully not from my nsfw tumblr. I don't have a very interesting life but I try to pretend that I do.

but no really, I'm not gonna lie on the drinking binge produce by Conji and the weekends prior. I finished Shakugan no Shana cos but I'm a lame-o and didn't wear it during the event mostly because - well, my wig ended up being more orange toned than I had wanted especially when placed against the green fabric of the cosplay. I need to re-order a darker cooler toned wig.

I ended up wearing Westwood throughout the weekend and some SPR stuff. No outfit photos nor did I even manage to conjure up a selca and if I did I think it would be on my instagram.... I also promised lens reviews for the I.Fairy reds - I need to retake photos )': and also the Dueba 2 tones brown..... =A=lll

I've pretty much succumbed to hiding from the world and doing a lot of contemplating of life stressing about the fashion show which is a good half a year away but I want to deliver good pieces and theres no garauntee I'll even get in but I need something to inspire me and kick me in the rear and hopefully can start rolling out pieces. I need to take all 3 sewing machines to be repaired and callibrated and I would love to get a serger too >__> coughbirthdaypresentanyonecough but really, I actually would prefer to get $$$ for turning another year closer to being the creep creeper so I can buy myself new tires for my car. Oh adult responsibilities.

I also joined in on the bandwagon and finally started watching Magi. LOL. I've been a fan of Morgiana since I keep seeing gifs of her on tumblr *A* and no, I haven't finished Metal Gear or Dante's Inferno yet >_>ll my life revolves around trying to think wtf I'm suppose to do for the fashion show, Call of Duty Mob of the Dead and Game of Thrones. I have such a love hate relationship with that show. Omg.

Some product and lens reviews are also sitting on my que to be done....

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