Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Food pr0n and where have I been?!

Omg where have I been again? LOL. Sad to say my life has simply been revolving around working. Making/building gundam figures and video games. I dont keep up with anime anymore since I just cant seen to find a show I can dedicate myself to. While video games on the other hand have a bit more of a gratification thing on the spot. Some sense of accomplishment no matter how much of a waste of time they really feel like...hahaha. So I decided to go ahead and try and spam you guys with food if you already dont follow me on Tumblr! HAHAHA.

Hello trashy desk...full of....nexon cards and bottle of drinks and etc...XD;;

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs. A little taste of Los Angeles street food hahaha.
This shit is sooo bad for you! Especially for me who recovered from surgery not too long ago! Hahaha

So over the 3 day weekend I was suppose to try making French Macarons. But. Unfortunately after searching high and low for Almond Flour and finally finding it at Henry's. We decided to abort the mission seeing as they were charging $10 for a TINY bag. Which you could only really get 2-3 sets out of! Uhhh...NOT WORTH IT?!!!
So me being the cheap ass Asian I am. Will rather sit here with a bag of flour and almond and dice, chop, and do what ever I can to make my OWN version of Almond Flour just to save myself alittle bit of money hahaha!

So instead. I decided to bake some obnoxious flavored cookies, but let me tell you, they are a hit >8D! I plan on making a batch before heading to a con to share with some friends later on~
Up there we have some Red Velvet cookies with white chocolate chips. Cotton Candy & Bubble Gum cookies. (Cotton candy had sprinkles baked in them and they are simply omffgggggg I need to stop eating them HAHAHA so I gave abunch of them to my little brother and his friends...lmao...) the bubble gum was def the most bizzarre flavor out of them, when you eat it you cant help but feel like you should be blowing a bubble hahahaa. So I guess I should definitely reserve the bubble gum for frosting flavoring or cupcakes if any...hahaha...

and lastly, my favorite. Strawberry cookies with white chocolate chips. They seriously taste like Strawberries n' Cream from Starbucks but in a cookie form!

But yes, believe it or not....This has been pretty much my life the last couple pathetic as it sounds HAHAHA! But I'm definitely going to try and sit down and write up a more interesting and well worth
to read entry Q_Qll I've been trying to put together a entry in regarding to EYE PRIMERS :o
yes. so please look forward to it HAHAHAHA I've been really trying not to be so lazy about it but I cant lie. Video games have sucked me back in.

If not Call of Duty, its zombie mode in COD. Or Dungeon Figthers and of course; Pharoah.
A pretty old ass 'city building' game that I still find quite addictive and oh best believe when my roomies leave for Hawaii and leaving me with the Alienware laptop . I'm plugging that shit into the big screen tv in the living room and will pretty much live there till they come back. Hahaha.

Now onto music! I'm pretty bad at keeping up with music. From jrock to kpop.
Even with Soompie I still cant seem to keep up, but my new fandom is F(x). I blame it on Amber Josephine Liu and her amazing charisma.
Probably my next favorite rapper other than CL of 2ne1.

while derping at work earlier I stumbled on that video and queeee!!
mirror mirror sang by F(x)! oh whut?!

lmao apparently F(x) did Mirror Mirror (orig by 4minute)

and 4minute did their own rendition of ‘Danger’
honestly, 4minute did a good job with most of the vocals with Danger but HyunA’s rapping was weak in comparison to Ambers. And dance wise, they def looked awkward.
F(x) on the other hand dominated with Mirror Mirror, the dancing looked on key and the vocals! omg. I’m definitely impressed >8D and hurhurhur. Amber <3
like what the Netizen noted on the comment box on the youtube. I TOO have more respect for F(x) more and more now :o

and I wanted to pimp out one of my new favorite music maker >8D, Epitone Music
check out his youtube page for some legit ass kpop remixes! My favorite among all his remixes is GD&Top HIGH HIGH!!!
Hes got some pretty sick beats and its really a nice refreshing change to be honest hahaha. I just like to leave his music on a playlist and let it play while I do something else or something haha.

Sometimes I wish my car had a plug in for an iPod so I can stop burning CDs Q_Qll

but onward to me finally working on that PRIMER review or something hahaha.

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