Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MSN-06S Sinanju

Another new Gundam Figure once again hahaha....
this one is the MSN-06S Sinanju from the Unicorn Gundam Series. I ordered this product from GundamPlanet.come and have received a CAMPAIGN id ticket. *u*

This is my first order from them. And the main reason for me ordering it from Gundam Planet versus ebay or amazon again.....is that they did a point system! I guess if you purchase enough items from them and build enough points you'd be able to win something? hahahaha. Cool?....xD

I could have probably gotten it for a cheaper price elsewhere but its ok!

Communication: 5/5. they were patient and answered my questions in a very speedy timely manner!
Pricing; 4/5. I'd say their pricing is definitely fair.
Shipping & Packaging: 4/5 only reason why I gave them a 4 instead of a 5 was...I paid for USPS Priority Mail but instead my package was sent via FedEx ground. which took 3-5 days shipping. But who am I to complain considering FedEx is more expensive? xD;;;
the item arrived within the 5th business day considering itis coming all the way from their New Jersey to California.

I'm not sure if I'd order from them again simply because I'm not a very patient person ahaha and there are plenty of model stores/sellers within CA. but the packaging and care they took is good :3
the box within the box was wrapped in bubble wrap and stuffed with paper to keep it from moving at all while in transit.

the plus for this model is that it came with a stand! I was worried it didnt! Ahaha since my other 2 BBs didnt?....

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