Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We need a therapy

lol my my my. oh hell no. LOL. Yes. I did some mad shopping online with some mad deals the last 2 weeks :D and my packages all came in~

And to explain the title of the blog. As many of you know, me and Toshi took a break from seeing each other for awhile LOL. We spent too much money and time together the last year coming up and down Socal and Norcal to meet up. And AX was our last con together for a while...
and well, apparently the same could go for Ash too. busy with studies. So yeah. We're all pretty much on a hiatus from one another till the next convention season.
I wont see Ash till PMX. Even if we are only 2 cities apart /: oh well....

And Toshi, I wont see till Fanime next year D8 so did some mad shopping LAWWL.

For starters. I got Ash prezzies for birthday~
A bardwire necklace similar to what HYDE wears and I got myself a knock-off Viviene Westwood armor ring from the same ebay shop.
A new iphone 3gs. Yes, I coulda gotten then4gs but why bother when the new one is coming soon enough?! I can take my brothers upgrade and grab it months from now anyway. Its funny since I have an itouch which does almost everything the iphoen can do, minus make calls. Oh well. LOL.

My phone before that decided to give out and be a bitch and simply stop charging! D8<

lol, no pictures of those items, Sorry but heres my little tiny haul from Bath & Body Works. I went in there on whim since I decided I wantd fruity lotion. LAWL. I got travel sizes of everything since I wasnt looking to drop big bucks on a big bottle and I needed a travel sized lotion since my hands gets pretty dry /:

I also got 3 new candles since I'm a sucker for anything nice smelling LOL! Smores and Mint Chocolate Chip! :O ommmg these things SMELLS AMAZING!!! and they were 3 for $5! I'm going back on August 13th to use my coupon and get more LOL and the lady sold me their new fragrance somethingfromParis for $1. It smells REALLY NICE. I got one for my sister, I kinda regret not getting one for myself now LOL. but I'll be back on august 13th and I'll use my coupon and get it for free! HAH! and more candles! Right now I'm burning the Mint Chocolate one since its hot and its summer~ the smell of mint always helps cool anything down HAHA.
and I got the organic lip shine in strawberry and cream thinking it was gonna have a pink tint to it. Lawl. Lies. its just clear /: but it tastes like strawberries and cream. Disapointed. LOL. that there was no color tint to it at all LAWL. its ok, I guess just wear lipstick underneath it /: hurpderp.

Got Ash new headphones too. I spent weeks trying to rack my brain what to get her for her birthday (other than the necklace)
and I decided on the headphones since shes busy studying anyway ;A; I got the black headphones to match the iPod nano Toshi got her last xmas.
Iunno bout you but when I 'study' I prefer to block everyone out with headphones and just concentrate on what the hell I'm suppose to be learning. Hahaha.

and unfortunately I wont be able to hand deliver any of these myself, So I'll have to ship them to her since I promised not to bug her till PMX ;A;

and lastly I ordered a new book off Amazon as well~ Lala Pipo by Hideo Okuda I bet its gonna be an interesting read >D

and Gamfly just sent me 2 new games I have on Q. So Hopefully they will keep me entertained and busy as well~ <3

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