Saturday, August 20, 2011

So 3 freakin’ animu stores later and this is all I come back with
LAWWWWWWWWWL. So Fail. I was looking for a Master Grade/Perfect Grade and possibly a BB Senshi Gundam.
But sadly, as clearly shown….Gundam plastic models are becoming more and more rare to find now adays.
The last store I went to was inside Mitsuwa, they only carried HGs of mostly Gundam Wing Gundams. ._. um…that would be last gundams I’d have on my list xDll they also have some from Destiny but only HG.

Guess I’ll be making an order from Gundamplanet after all QwQ;;

edit: ugguuuuu xD I just placed an order for the Sinaju BB Senshi from
if only they had the Gunner Zaku that Lunamaria Hawke piloted too. I would have ordered that. But upon investigating further into ebaaaay I found a store in Huntingon Beach that carries the Gunner Zaku, $14 after shipping. I might just order the gunner zaku next week xD (one gundam at a time.....or I'll overwhelm myself)

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