Friday, August 19, 2011

Sorry I dont have much to talk about lately but I figured I should dump some photos. Some nice high Q photos since I havent busted out my DSLR since the con season ended. To be honest I kinda miss using it. So hopefully in the next few months or something I'll be able to use it more and more. Since clearly I wont be able to afford to upgrade to a new one in a while. Might as well use this one as much as I can :D;;

New BB Gundam this time around~ Its the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam

Had so much fun making these babies. I need a new set of markers so I can finish the shield and a metallic gun metal grey for the rest of the wings.

Painted the joints and arms with gold. beam saber with pink.

I need a new gundam pen for the linings as well. Oh boy. Someone keep me away from xDll before I do an order haul...or from either! lmao.
I need to stop browsing for shit I shouldnt be buying.... ie: gundams and makeup...xDlll

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