Sunday, August 21, 2011


OMG HI MOVIE REVIEW TIME :O since I know the last few entries I've had have been pretty boring to be frank /:
lawl. Unless you're into Gundams and Plastic Models at all hahaha.
So I stumbled on this movie by recommendation of Jei ( some of you guys may recognize her as Queerion from Youtube! *u* that pretty sexy hot thang ;D
but yes moving on before I get super side tracked )8

this is probably my 1st Thai movie outside of Ongbak xD;;; since I guess it was just never in my radar. Well. No, thats a lie. I've seen a few Thai horror movies but not any of this sort and I will be frank. This movie is. CUTE. D8<
and I dont say that about a lot of things. I really dont. But this movie is amazing. Its romantic comedy that tackles the issues of the gender binary and tolerance. 8D

Oh boy am I such a sucker for movies like these! Especially having last seen 'Love my Life' and "Last Friends" several times, I'm defintely in the market for something else to watch that could possibly push just the tid bit of gender bender envelope and lo and behold I stumble on this :DD and I regret nothing. I've probably seen this movie twice already and I'm probably gonna go for a 3rd! Several subs of it are floating around Youtube Not exactly HiQ stuff but you know what, I take what I can get and shall not complain. At all!

So onto the movie summary! :D
Summary: Pie is a sweet girl who has moved into a new dorm where she finds out that Kim, her new roommate seems to be a tomboy. While their friendship is developing, Pie and Kim begin to wonder if the feeling they feel for one another is just an ordinary friendship...

so movie summary was provided by Movie and if you click on the link, it has screen shots and even a trailer for the movie if you're interested in seeeing it. I highly recommend it ;D


Ok, onto the post about the movie >8D so yeah basically the movie starts out like most typical movies I guess? Typical romantic comedy movies where the interaction between characters are introduced and its a cute funny scene. If you're familiar with most gender bender mangas or stories the first scene is quote reminiscent of that.
Pie walks out from the shower dressed in nothing but a towel assuming that her room mate IS a girl so it would be OK. To her suprise she sees KIM who is clearly an androgynous looking girl. I prefer to use the word Androgynous as suppose to the word 'Tom' or "Tomboy" as they refer to them in Asia and throughout the movie.
In Asia (dont quote me on this since it can differ) people who are referred to as Toms or Tomboys are usually girls who likes to dress and look like a boy. And are easily mistake to be 'dykes' or straight up lesbian.

What I liked about this movie is that they taught people that love doesnt have to be something about GENDER. It doesnt always have to follow the gender binary or 'whos straight, who isnt, whos gay and who isnt'. Throughout the movie Km expressed herself as a girl who simply dresses the way she does and doesn't necessarily mean shes a TOM.
and they even gave her a more feminine charm to balance her video game addiction by giving her the ability to cook, clean and even plant and grow her own veggies in the balcony. I guess to this day cooking, cleaning and all that stuff is still seen to be a pretty feminine charm. Which I find funny and ironic that Pie was the exact opposite. So I just really loved that tid bit of the movie.

So clearly in the beginning, Pie didnt want anything to have to do with Kim since Kim was a 'tom' and her mom was very old fashioned and couldnt fathom WHY would anyone dress, act or look like that. Throughout the movie even Pie's friend comments at how HANDSOME Kim was *u* but other than the way Kim dresses, there was nothing about her that made you think 'oh shes trying to be a man'. I'm not too familiar with the Thai language but the way she talked (or atleast how the translator did it) showed that she was still referring to her or addressing things in a more feminine manner, she even had a mid to high pitched voice thats still pretty feminine imho.

But yes, Pie ignored her, dodged her and didnt want to have anything to do with her - she even went as far as separating the room with a line division. Now thats just sad and annoying =___=ll its almost like 'hey, no homo so please back off'....but alas thats what she had been raised to knowing.

but throughout the movie they develop a sort of friendship that later on develops into something more....
leading Kim and Pie to both questions themselves on what this is or who they are exactly.

Kim was the first to question 'why does gender have to matter, why does the way I dress, look and act matter? cant I just fall in love with someone because of who they are or because of who I am on the inside?"
that was simply priceless. Pie on the other hand wasnt as quick to join onto the bandwagon until further into the story.

the movie is short and sweet. About and hour and a half, they dont really go into very much detail about the characters past relationships or who the side characters are - where they came from, what exactly were their importance but they were simply there as sort of a bridge to help get the story going. Since it was quite clear that the story if about how Pie and Kim's relationship develops in the span of 1 quarter/semester in college XD;;

In the end Pie realizes what Kim truly meant to her - this being her first real love (for both characters in fact) so its a very innocent love story 8D that pushes the boundaries just a bit as its not your typical boy meets girl type of story.

It showed tolerance for the mothers part to, for her to accept what her daughter wanted. No matter how unorthodox it was. Since in the end it was simply a matter of 'what makes her happy'
now if only the rest of the world could adapt to that....

I would HIGHLY recommend this movie! Especially if you like pretty androgynous people! >8DDDDD


  1. love the movie so much

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  2. This was my 1st Thai movie to. I hate romantic movies, but this one is so innocent, to the point and flows brilliantly. Actors did great job, great Music. Movie conveys its message beautifully.