Sunday, September 11, 2011

massive black out! impuslive Sea World trip! :O

lol, so pretty much if you did not live south of Orange County So-Cal to the Border you wouldn't have known about the massive black out us So-Cal folks experienced Thursday afternoon till early Friday morning! AHAHAHA.
I was driving back to the office during my lunch break after dropping off my roomie/co-worker back at the condo and noticed that alot of the streets lights were out and the power went out at Target while I was shopping for lunch too! LOL. I honestly didnt think much of it since our block gets black outs quite often. But as I was driving back to work I went, WTF a lot of the lights are off?!....
I tried to call my co-workers to ask if power went out completely in our area. And I got several texts from people asking if power was out in our area as well! So I guess that pretty much hit it that power was indeed out in more areas in San Diego than just one! lol.

I walked back into our office - after walking through a super dark hallway and stumbling around to find the door to our office suite. Most of my co-workers were pretty much freaking out coz of the black out. my dumbass on the other hand was used to massive black outs coming from a 3rd world country XD where this shit happens quite often. Its just really annoying /:
Walked out and walked to the other office building to wait it out hoping that the power would come back on. Derped around for about an hour trying to figure out what to do about all the calls and work that needed to be done...then we kept getting random updates from people that the black out was spreading everywhere! Ooooh boy. I eventually left work at 5:40 and made the glorious drive home through traffic and mass hysteria. lol. Yes. No lie. everyone was rushing to get home despite the fact that the lights wasnt on. Some people seriously are not made to drive /:
People were all over Vons - since Vons had a power generator that could run atleast 3 registers at the most. People were buying ice and supplies as if this was a zombie apocalypse or something hahaha! Oh man. So many people were buying cases and cases of water and bread and canned goods. I honestly doubted that the power could go out for days! but these people were stoking up like it was.... /:

When night fell people started coming over to our condo since we busted out the grill and just started grilling meat LOL so it wouldnt go bad. And pretty much had a mini picnic outside our condo LOL...And played Monopoly in the dark but thankfully the power came back on at 2 am that night. Joy. Part of me was hoping it wouldnt so we didnt have to go to work and deal with the madness but part of me did want the power back LOL since 3G was down and my phhone needed to be charged. Soon. HAHA.
I will definitely be investing in a solar charger from strapya after this and a car charger for my phone lol!!!

Wish could have taken pictures but alas everything would have been too dark to do anything! LMAO!

Today was my companys picnic as well. But no one wants to really hear about that O_O....
stayed there for about 2 and half hours or so before running away to SEA WORLD LMAO!!! I've lived in SD for almost 10 yrs but I wont lie when I say the last time I went to Sea World was before I even moved to the sad.
So a trip to sea world was indeed needed today :o

hello crappy cellphone pics~First ride we went on was Journey to Atlantis. I wont lie lmao Roller Coasters or anything with drops are definitely my weakness - in a bad way LMAO. I cant deal with big drops but I decided 'you need to try everything once atleast right?' and I was looking at the ride the drop didnt seem THAT huge. Of course thats what it ALWAYS looks like before you board it and when you're finally on it you start freaking out LMAO. but of course that didnt happen. I prefer to internalize my agony lmao. the chicks behind us was a funny group of black girls who made the funniest commentaries. EVER. LMAO!!!

But so yeah heres the crazy weird thing about this ride, you see that water splash in the photo?...well. THATS THE FIRST THING THAT HAPPENS ON THE FUCKING RIDE. WHUT?! yes. Normally you expect that to come at the END of the ride right?! no!
thats the first thing you experience fresh from taking your seat!!!! And from there it rotates you around this water raft into a small cave thingie that plays a really......cheesy animation of Shamu?..../: wtf. lol. yes. And it turns out its actually an ELEVATOR lmao. That takes you back up and you up to circle around the building and comes down to a drop that curves in and there. End of ride. /: lol. super fast and quick. Kinda reminds of the Matahorn ride in Disneyland in Anaheim but....less epic?...lmao....

hey, me and the penguin plush both have the same circle lenses LMAO!!!!

Apparently he was king of the rock /:

Another one to add to my collection. I <3 skull candy headphones and these type are my favorite >3

so much more comfortable than the DJ style ones - especially if you wear glasses D: they kinda push the frames in the side of your head after a while...that or its just me?...

not to mention they bother my earrings too lmao!

These sit comfortable without any fuss and you can interchange the designs on them. Lmao. shweet.

Hello dirty desk is dirty. lol.

Short update is short. Kinda tired from lack of sleep the last few days and I was pushing to level up a bit more on Dungeon Fighters tonight. I was hoping to go to the bakery tomorrow to pick up Lavender and Rose extracts to make lavender cupcakes/cookies. But apparently the store is closed on Sundays )8 I guess I'll have to wait next weekend when I have time to run over there week should also be the street fair ): dammit. LMAO....meaning its harder to get in and out of my street lmao since their closing down the main road hahaha hopefully it works out still XD! I should wake up early next weekend and run to the store and make it back in time to enjoy the rest of the street fair now that I live across the effing street from it now LMAO!!!

Also, I went back to RED HAIR! :o my next entry will be talking about mainting your colored hair! especially for red heads! )8 since everyone and their mom knows how much of a b!tch red hair is! I've gone back and forth from being a red hair for years and years and with each year I find another way to help maintain that rich ruby color :3 since I hate the subtle red color. I like firey red red red!! If it was up to me I'd have my hair that fire engine red hair I had 4-5 yrs back LMAO!....

.....I really shouldnt be posting such an unflattering photo of me ROFLMAO and yes thats how RED it was, it looks more orange due to the purikura machine but trust me. it was a ruby fire engine red!! 8D....

When it comes to BOXED RED HAIR DYE. Feria POWER REDs is always my go to color! :3!!! Especially in the shade Ruby Rush.
I'll post the entry tomorrow or something since I need to properly cam whore or something lmao since I didnt take such good photos last time I had red hair?...o_O or did I?! I just need to go and dig them up lmao!!!

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