Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo Dump Updates

Instagram Diary!

Been a while since I last did an update here. Most of my random updates are happening over at my Tumblr LOL.

But I know not everyone follows me over there and it IS NSFW 8B

but for those who dont know what that means, lol, its just not safe for work or public viewing HAHA...
Oh so shameless...
Anyways, another photo dump update since nothing much has been happening thats worth blogging about.
I know Anime Conji is coming up in a month or two, and I dont know about the LACP anymore since it seems that theres been some issues as to where they will be holding the shoot /:
My friend told me about a shoot next week up in LA by the Piere, not sure if I'm going yet or not, I didnt order my compact flash card yet /:
and not sure if it would come in on time if I order it NOW. I might just be lame and pass on this one and possibly throw myself into working on costumes for the up coming spring shoots~

Whats coming up for spring? Secret secret! LOL, you just gotta follow me on Twitter or Tumblr to find out! LOL. But honestly, its not that much of a secret >_>lll LOL.
So yesterday, went to the Swap Meet to gather some fabric/materials for some projects and hnnggg I brought $40 with me, and I walked away with just alittle over $7 in change left 8D

thats pretty exciting since I bought fabric for 3 different costumes. YAY thats WIN. The place isnt as extensive in choices of materials like the Fashion District is but theres a specific vendor I always can go to there that carrys Casa Crepe Satin which is my go-to for 'fancy' looking cosplays that requires Satin material and I get it for just $2.5o a yard I believe...but you can ALWAYS haggle people down there especially when you're buying ALOT!
One of the vendors there tried to sell me country cotton for $2.00 a yards. I'm like =_= you're kidding me. No.Lol. So he ended up giving it to me for 1.50 a yard as well as heavy cotton twill as well 8B. Win Win Win.
Got some decent trims and elastic. 3 yards for $1.00 and $2.00. So thats 3 bags worth of different stuff. Again, the swap meet we have here isnt as nice as the ones up in LA, where my friend got all his buckles and etc for just a few cents a piece ): I kinda wish we had that down here, but oh well! 8D

I still got more than enough stuff that I needed, some specific fabrics - of course I couldnt find, but atleast a bulk of the materials I needed, I got there so I can definitely get working on some stuff. I was too tired to work on them last night and figured I'd take it easy today too LOL. Aka, I'm just procrastinating. LOL. but really, I need to get working!
I also changed the layout of my room with the help of Anthony.

Heres a link to the video:
It should help maximize the space I have here lOL so I can have more floor room to cut fabrics and perhaps even get another small table to set it up in the middle so I can sew? 8D I'll look into finding a Mahjong table or something LOL.
The only down side to having my bed by the window = LOL SUUUNNN ZOMFG. It woke me up at like 8am on Saturday morning x__X natural alarm clock much....

Which would be good for me for days when I have work, so I can seriously force myself up by 7 or 8 and go run before But on weekends zomfg. no.
So I picked up BLACK fabric at the Swap Meet and pinned it up on the window - ghetto coz I dont own a curtain rod LOL. and it turns my room into a super dark cave LOL. Even as I write right now, with the 'curtain' tied up, the room is still pretty considerably dark, especially at the corner where I have my laptop on. Oh well, Lamp~ lol
Onto the photo dump!

New SKIN TONER from BOOTS. Boots is a 'drug store' brand from the UK that I believe specializes in carrying a wide variety of skin care line, most of them are made to be natural or hypo allergenic. I figured I'd try this one since I dont really own or use a toner, and the ones I used before - are extremely drying ): and so thats why I've veered away from using them. This one apparently has rose extracts on it and well, I wont lie, it does make my skin feel softer and it does pickup the dirt and crap my cleanser leaves behind :X eep!
and who isnt a sucker for vintage style packaging? not to mention it was going on clearance, I hope Target doesnt get rid of this line :x its actually really nice!

Along with my fabric shopping haul yesterday, I took my little brother to Marukai which now carries Sanrio and Gundam stuff! Oh whut?! yes! LOL.
I'm excited since I normally order my gundams online ._.ll and have to pay the hefty shipping price, but now a store locally carries em~ and they also have Gundam Markers, not the top coat andother stuff but hey! its definitely a start! :o
Especially since the old anime store in Mission Valley mall started carrying less and less Gundams /:
I got a new Marker, a grey toned one since I believe I have all the primary colors for a Gundam but not a greyish toned one for the guns! 8D hurhurhur!

and a new plastic case for my BBs o_o

It doesnt fit any of the other BBs coz of their odd shape and protruding structure, so the Wing Custom Zero might have to get its own case and cant share LOL. I kept the Sinanju out since he comes with his own stand 8D
I like that these can be stackable too so if I were to get more, I can stack them up higher and higher! But I really should consider getting a wall shelf or something so I can stack them up from there /:
I still have my Justice Gundam to build as well....but yay for these plastic cases! :o no more dusting!!!!!! lol. Well, just dust the box but omfg yes!

I'm sure everyone and their mom has been curious to try those weird Kit Kat flavors exclusive only from Japan. Well, I stumbled on this at Marukai! It was like $3 something for a box ._. and it has 6 mini bags of kit kat in there, pricey but I checked ebay and other vendors online, their running for like $5-7 a box .__.ll oh my.

but yes! this. IS. AMAZING. Its really hard to describe the taste, its got a light smoooth green tea flavoring to it, and a hint of vanilla cherry-ish cake???ish lol, I guess thats where the cherry blossom comes in. Its very light, not too sweet, not too strong in flavor and I LIKE green tea but I'm always weary of anything Green Tea Macha flavoring coz it might be too strong or bitter, but, NOT THIS ONE. ITS AMAZING. I wished they carried this in a bag form ._.
I'm totally hording this tiny box and resisting eating it all in one sitting. LOL. I still have 3 bags left and I gave one to my brother and his gf already ):
lol. I need to get me one more box and just, HORDE that one LOL. But its SO WORTH IT.
What I also really want to try now is the SAKURA KIT KAT
KitKat Sakura
If only I knew where to get these .__. I might have to pester Shin to bring me back some more Macha Sakura Kit Kat and the Sakura ones when He comes back from Japan to visit. And probably some Rainbow Pocky LOL to share with Toshi. HAHAHA.

I finally got some decent shots of this little coward LOL, hes SLOWLY getting used to me I guess o_o

it helped that my brother was holding him/petting him LOL so he didnt exactly run away when I had my camera out lol....
thats basically my week in a nut shell, now I should go to my parents house for free food thanks to their super bowl party o___O
I dont like the super bowl but I'm always down for free food LOL! And I should get working on some cosplays next week, seriously, if I'm not going to the shoot .___.

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