Monday, February 27, 2012

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi Photoshoot

As promised! Huzzah, a photo dump from my weekend photoshoot with Hannsel ( the cosplay shot we did was for Natsume Yuujinchou Shi~ I havent really seen the anime myself but I'm hearing good things about it and I *really really* like the creeper fat cat plushie Nyanko-Sensei XDDD

I wanted to try and go with a very gloomy ish supernatural ish feel and theme to the shoot, mixing in modern clothing with traditional robes (I brought the purple kimono and the drapery fabric with me to help dress the set) and made sure I picked the right locations. We shot in beautiful Balboa Park in Downtown SD. Hannsel was a trooper and was up by 4 getting ready ;A; needless to say my butt went to bed 2 hrs before 4 LMAO....and got up...around 6 or 7 to race down to the park to meet up. We wanted to shoot before it got busy and over packed with people! Surely around 8 or 9ish runners started crawling out and around noon it was packed with children and more runners. Good thing we beat the morning rush and managed to sneak onto 'off limit' areas LOL to shoot hahaha!

We wanted to try and sneak into the Japanese Garden but I guess the cameras all gave it away lol. They charge $50 for anyone to come in and do a 'photoshoot' I got away with it last time but alas. And apparently their expanding the Japanese Garden and have planted in Cherry bLossoms?! whut?! So I'm def checking out their preview during the Sakura Festival next month *u* but they dont officially open the expansion till 2014....

If your going to view the images. Please click on them so the window pops up
and shows you the Hi-Res Giant photos since apparently, Blogspot makes em smaller ;A;

this is what we run on...LOL
Hannsel was a sweet <3 and gave me some Sees candies for
V-day :o super niceee /creycrey

and crunchy! which is strawberry chocolate with
waffer crushed stuff inside? o_Oll it was interesting...
oh Japanese odd lol

*u* I dug out my polaroid camera from the grave LOLZ
I havent used it since last last AX ):

After the shoot we went to the Swap meet to pick up more fabric LOOOL. I ended up picking up a new set of fabric for another photoshoot with Hansel hopefully soon enough! 8D but ah! I still gotta finish the ones I need to do for the shoot up in Lake Balboa ;A;ll in Van Nuys and another one before my sisters Spring Break! aaaah OMG LOL.Costume overload.

(yes folks, I've been lame and have been using super old CS3 ;A; and old Lightroom too)

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