Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day for the lonely hearts: Hakuouki!

Happy single awareness day LOL. Another annoying stressful day at work. Got up early in an attempt to go to gamestop to pick up my copy of Hakuouki. Only to get there to find out they havent received their shipment yet. FAIL =_=;; Someone got alittle too excited. Jeez. I didnt even get chocolate today /: waiting for the massive sales tomorrow LOL! Going to try and score me some Dove Swirls or ghirardelli vanilla bean chocos!!! nom nom. I'm not a big chocolate fan tbh but I wouldn't mind expensive choco for cheaps LOL.

Apparently according to Sephora this month is my birthday.... o___oll oh well! I'm still going to go redeem my freebie!

from the looks of it, might be a free lip stick /: hopefully theres more colors than just RED =__=l I'm not a red lip stick person. I prefer nuddish rosey pinks to get the 'my lips but better' effect LAWL. Seriously not a lip stick person. I only wore red lipstick for cosplay /: and even still, I'm pretty picky with the shade....

Since they didnt have the game when I came earlier before work, I had to drive back during my lunch to pick it up and thankfully they do have it! I wonder how many people actually pre-ordered this game here..I was reading on Aksys twitter feed that the turn out was better than expect. Oh. Well then. O__Oll

I pre-ordered the limited edition copy and with it, you get ALL THIS:
to be honest I'm pretty sure there was ONLY limited edition copies LOL. No regular editions?....

You basically get the game PSP game, a sound track & art book.

Beats buying the regular 11x15 (???) art book thats worth about $30-45 a pop! LOL.

Aksys didnt change a thing on the game and simply translated/published it for us non-Japanese speaking fans. Before if you really wanted to play the game (like my dumbass a few months ago - maybe even a year ago) you went as far as downloading a copy onto your DS and finding all the right patches to make it work and just derp around and hope to God you know wtf you're doing. OR. Modded your PSP. Which again, resulted in the first part - derping around and hoping you got who you were aiming for. Trial and error. You sir/mam must have had the patience of the Gods LOL

(and like me, did not turn the damn game off at all for fear of loosing it coz you didnt know how to fucking save LOL)


Now for those of who you dont know what Hakuouki is well...let me enlighten you.

Its an otome game (dating sim game catered for girls, or a VISUAL novel game that just gives you little options of what you want to do / say. but its pretty linear)

and its based on the old Japanese setting where you play a girl whos dad has gone missing and decided to run off to the big bad city of Kyoto to find daddy. Of course being the naive little girl you are you stumble upon trouble the first time you're there and you somehow managed to get yourself in trouble and witness a fight between the Shinsengumi and the Rasetsu who, more or less are like zombies LOL or demons. Whut? Yeah, sorry I'm not very good at this.

Then the shinsengumi decides to bring you home! LOL. Of course you're in a compound full of hot blooded young men, so, what are you gonna do? Romance of course! LOL. Durr. Whut?

Its been adapted into a 2 part series Animuuuu that you can probably stream somewhere online if you want to see the anime counterpart.

but according to Aksys games this is really more of a "quasi-historical supernatural drama 1st, romance game 2nd." (via @aksysgames twitter feed)

but yeah, see for your self :B


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