Tuesday, August 26, 2014

woah still forever backlogged but I figured I'd drop a line here. Sometimes I get lost in the flurry of things and get confused and just thrown all around. You question what type of content you need to be putting up here, is it too personal? too informal? Should I try to keep it on a more consistent topic basis? Sometimes I forget to treat this more of a personal blog rather than those business-y type blogs...IDK lol.  Its clearly too early for anything and I'm sure if I posted this ramble on my tumblr it'll definitely get lost in the shuffle of things.

I guess I just wanted to check in and push out some content in here before everything gets reburried into a monthly dump at the end of a few months time /:

And sometimes you just need to stop and collect your thoughts before you get lost all over again...theres not much 'bloggers' out there anymore in terms of informal writting, imho. Everything has now turned into more businessy type blogging. From sponsor posts and reviews...

I still have to do a few photo dumps from Fanime and AX but lets face it, thats probably not happening anytime soon. Wow orz

and If I recalled correctly my Ax and FAnime wasnt exactly that insanely adventrous other than a fancy hotel with a kitchen in it aha but now that summer is ending and things are winding down (or as they should be) it just feel things are heating up! AHAH what. Commissions and school are keeping me well busy in between working full time as well. I have no more Saturdays open from now till the end of the semester since i have to take Thursdays off in place of school and then Saturdays would take its place. Intense. But I feel you sometimes need that to get regrounded?...

my instagram basically is pretty much an extension of my blog and is so much easier to just snap and go. QvQ huwow.. but yes I'm full blown back in school and I need to go and meet with the councelor and declare my major which I decided is going to be Computer Fashion Technology: Merchandising & Marketing. but lets not get too ambitious as working full time and going to school *really* part time is probably going to take me atleast a decade to even get an AA...

I got a couple of tutorials I need to edit or just gdamn film ahah its sooooo much effort its not even funny wow. Props to ladies who makes this a living coz wow..I just...//lays here// and a few other lens reviews to do and still a few left unopened yet I find myself on Honeycolor quite often ahaha wow hoarder much!? yes I have a hoarding tendancy especially when stuff are on sale. 

School started last week and i gotta pat myself in the back for surviving week 1, but now its time to really hit the grind. I already dropped a few bucks on school supplies ==ll and wow, my wallet does not appreciate this and this truly reminds me why I dropped out of the fashion program before but now I'm back...and  its not getting any cheaper. No wonder the phrase starving artists is quite ironic...and our parents always thought us that, that is the career field for those who are broke orz...

 I tried my hand at making egg-tarts and mabo tofu!


Seriously obsessed with that mixed fruit tea from tea station uwu and my brothers are forever addicted to the caramel slush drinks they have there...but its so damn expensive q.q
and you best believe I did buy like 5 packets of those Diamond Lash....but I sold 2 lol....
coz really..Chris... you...dont...need that much....
but...ironically before that I ordered some on eBay and made the mistake of walking into Marukai to find this ahaha 

I dont know why anyone wouldn't get excited over lashes, I mean. COME ON why not


I recently discovered the korean market here has THE FACE SHOP. WOAH. Why dont they have SKIN FOOD TOO!?!? if they did i'd probably be broke /:

speaking of teas though you guys should try pineapple lychee green tea with lychee jelly uwu #currentobsession

I picked up a few things from The Face Shop but mostly for a present for a friend, I walked away with *just* the foundation this time to try it.

Quick review on it:
*light - medium coverage
*comes in 3 shades, I'm wearing the middle shade though I feel it might be a shade darker than what I'd normally wear (i'm an NC30-35 from Mac)
*SMELLS NICE AHAH some people may not like that
*consistency is too watery, again could be good or bad. Apply it with your hands, its impossible to use a brush or sponge on it. Reminds me of the Maybelline water foundations.
*Feels hydrating

*I wouldn't consider it fully matte even though it claims to keep face matte

I wouldn't mind trying and pairing this up with their powder too which feels silky smooth...
what have I been up to lately, and why I've been sleeping less and less:

I'm a workaholic but a full time potato procrastinator as well.
I rather sit and roll around for days and procrastinate on a project needing to be done and then but power through ti when the fire is lit. I guess I work better under pressure and the pressure was to finish all by Y-con! 

as always I feel things could look/be constructed better and I guess thats probably why I need to stop waiting till the fire is lit under me to get to them. Aha. Wow.
I'm not entire sure how I feel about the trims on the K project uniform. Theres a mixture of golds and textures from matte to shiny. I want to try and keep a consistent theme when designing or taking liberties on costumes coz you dont want to overwhelm. 
Be gaudy but not ugly tacky...

I also like to take into consideration the fabric choices on the materials on what type of character and timeline the character is portraying.

For the K Project uniform I chose a heavy cotton twill which is very rigid and I'd consider it medium to heavy weight. Its definitely what people would consider 'dickies' fabric or what most dickie pants are made out of.

In contrast to the Howl jacket on the table, it is fully lined in matching fabric, I used a heavy satin throughout the whole costume. Inside. Out and even on the diamonds. Gold pipping around the diamonds and gems inbetween them as well. I'll hopefully be posting more progress or photos as I wrap up this project. This would be my 2nd Howl costume to date. I really wanna make the bluexwhite version someday too. All that Miyazaki feels.

Sadly my life the past 2 weeks have been working on commissions and haven't had much time to pay attention to league. But I took advantage of the fact that Netflix has *well* dubbed anime now and have played catch up to Psycho-Pass! And Fate/Zero huehuehue *w*


hopefully updates may be alittle more consistent but I am highly doubting that one, I haven't touched LR in a while either I dont know when I ever will be able to go through all of my Fanime set nonetheless the AX sets too... /:

And the Howl shoot as well. Oh...

my sister also leaves for Japan this weekend and off she goes to be there for a year, hopefully if I get my citizenship sorted out and have money saved *aha sobs* I'll be joining her next year..

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