Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014年12月31日 - 年の終わり


Here is our obligatory end of 2014 posts. Looking back, just like every year - the year seemed to have flown by so quickly. It seemed so long but it also seemed quite faster, its like 2013 and 2014 was pretty much like a blur to me since I've enrolled back in school. I always feel like I could have done more. Been more active. Been more creative and etc in every aspect but wow. School had really kept be insanely busy and had a few commissions and cosplays I've worked on. 2015 is  gearing up to be quite a busy beginning of the year for me with commission work left and right and hopefully it will all point to good things.

I don't think I'm gonna do a full recap since I really felt like everything was a blur, sure we had ALA and the Houston Anime Matsuri Adventure and graduations, Fanime, AX and summer events but I really felt a major lacking in photoshoots versus the last few years where I've just been busy back to back to back.

But its all good OvO right? Definitely looking forward to more beginnings and starts to new adventures and whatnot.

I dont really believe in new year resolutions since we should always strive to do new things or do better no matter the time of year. It sounds really sappy and corny aha.

I'm hoping to ring in the New Year not tonight on NYE but next week when I jet out to San Francisco for my *vacation*, its gonna be a real vacation this time around! I do not count CONS as much of a vacation tbh since your pretty much stuck in a venue (yes w/ friends and drinks and fun times but I still feel your obligated to attend the events and etc etc etc and shoot - all fun dont get me wrong but wow to get up whenever and not really have an itinerary would be a breath of fresh air, I haven't really hung out with my friends much out of cons) 

Truly envy those who gets to travel all over, hopefully 2015 will allow me the opportunity to travel some more, last year the highlight of my beginning of the year was flying out to Matsuri in March ahaha but this year were doing it earlier. Def. looking forward to some adventure time in the bay area, it doesn't seem much to a lot of people but man, its incredibly hard to get time off work to jet set off places D8

I know I said I wasn't going to do a huge recap or a recap of 2014 tbh but I think I'll just go ahead and do a  highlight of the year (from what I can remember from it ahahaha) so heres just a few from what I thought was one of the few exciting things I saw in 2014

  • Enrolled back into Fashion Program at school (yasss trying to move up in the world)
  • Slayed it  
  • Improved makeup skills ahahaha
  • survived sketch class
  • Made another Howl's Moving Castle costume (so happy with it)
  • Moved to a new apartment (even if it means moving again coz bastards raised rent)
  • New gym memberships (but had to cancel it just this month coz rent went up, was fun while it lasted)
  • Got carried to Silver 2 on League (ahaha this is a big achievement for me ok  XD)
  • Bonding time with the little bro
  • Reconnected with old friends
  • SAW ONE OK ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
  • went to Fanime :D

Hoping everyone had a good xmas though, had a pretty quiet one. I remember one year I had spent Christmas alone in my tiny little room rental ahaha, it wasn't that bad tbh but I guess in the spirit of the Holiday it kinda makes you look rather pathetic. I went out that night and walked over to my grandma's place (didn't stay long meh had....issues lol) but spent a majority of the time locked up in an empty share house playing Halo that evening to pass the time and went to work the next day like it was nothing...that was a tough year back then....


Obligatory holiday selfies lol and xmas presents, apparently I didn't include the rest of the gifts I got from the fambam OvO wasnt on my IG ahahahha Its probably on my FB but! All I wanted from my sister (in Japan right now) is Gudetama crap and yassss, you ask and she delivered lol. Apparently she won them on the crane game. Holler OvO I managed to fit my makeup in that tiny coin pouch too. GO ME.

The star wars soy sauce saucer is for my brother and the Haro pen is for the little one.

From my mom and some relatives they got me Rum (ahahaha yass) and a waffle maker. My brother got me socks OvO yasss always need socks.  And clearly I got myself some stuff a while back so not posting those...

I dont post my real hair often enough but yes its purple! I added the pink extensions in from time to time but its actually at the moment, its a dark reddish purple since I picked up a box of 4RV instead of my usual 4VV from the Salon shop :x coz I figured, why not...I'm gonna throw more purple back onto it before I fly out to SF even though I plan on wigging it most of the time (to keep my head warm ahaha and stay fabulously fly) still gotta make sure your on point ahaha....

I really like this wig color now, odd I had this hair color before but IDK it didn't look THAT good ahaha ok maybe it did but I never got it in this style uwu coz always had short hair when I had my blonde. Wigs easier to deal with too omg...

Went drinking with the gooks during Xmas eve, went to Min Sok Chon for some grubbing and proceeded to trek back to my brothers for more jaeger, henney and etc. Fun night and the BOSS cup was one of my presents from my friends. YASS. Dont....microwave it tho AHAHAHA the gun handle heats up soo much faster like no no no nono ahahaha....

Need to be working on them  flats tho....

Its been over 10 years since I've been back home, seeing photos and videos of the motherland kinda just reminds me how festive and crazy Xmas eve and NYE is back home. Fireworks, lots of food. Big family gatherings. Hot af weather ahahaha and etc.

Here in America no one really does the crazy fireworks show unless its 4th of July and even then :x you don't really get to do your own fireworks from your own backyard (yes, lots of accidents too this time of year back home and the media has no discretion showing the grotesque stuff hahaha) I guess I just envy those who gets to fly home overseas for the holidays. Hopefully they get a nice safe flight to and from :D

Come on 2015!!!~

Now I wonder if I'll be drinking tonight ahaha I plan on binge watching Legend of Korra s4 tonight ahaha and working on my flats. I remember that one year, me and my friends were cosplay sweatshopping through the New Year for our Guilty Gear cos for ALA...Picked up the new GG game too recently. I miss cosing. I should reprise my Falcoon Bridget...

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