Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Welcome to December. I can always rely on IG  & Twitter to kinda remind me where the time has gone :x and honestly, it hasn't really gone anywhere. This post is just going to be another one of those 'shit, I spent too much now I'm broke and I'm gonna cry about HW/finals post' lol yep.

But atleast we're coming to the end of the year, whoo and and with every end theres always a beginning. Hoping 2015 is going to be a big one!

 I already got alot of projects an a long list of things that I need to achieve from commissions to other advances that I've been pretty much trying to work towards. 2015 would also mark me having my weekends back again and IDK hopefully getting to do more shoots all over again but first gotta need to knock out all the other commissions I'm suppose to be working on before Spring. AAAH insane.

It also marks the point that I've completed a few good classes in my major that I may or may not just go ahead and take a complete shot in the dark and send in an application :x
Spring I'm scheduled to still keep taking classes but nothing Fashion in particular but more geared to multimedia so lets see where it goes from there! Fall has been a pretty heavy load on me and wo ==;; so lets hope Spring is alittle more forgiving...lets hope....

Would it also be bad for me to admit that I'm *still* waiting for a few more items to come in? :x oh noes...yeah.. uwu I tend to do the most damage during fall/winter and notice I haven't gotten a new coat yet. LOL I hope NOT coz I still got plenty from years before and the sad truth is, its just never cold enough in SoCal....

Thanksgiving pretty much came and went,  I didn't necessarily step into any mall or did physical shopping during Black Friday since I had work that day and through the weekend and Just wasn't ready to deal with the lines. Last year I did brave the lines and scored a Nintendo 3DS XL woohoo...@w@ but not this time around....

LOTD.....I guess cept not really the coat coz it was seriously tooo hot to really wear it. It was like 70 degrees...while the rest of the country is well into its 50s and 40s ahaha....Thanksgiving was spent working more on flats :x I  swear I think I've spent such a long time on my flats than I really did on the figures- lets face it. I really hate how my figures turn out and I will probably never post how they look like coz its just that bad but its ok. Flats is where the moneys at lololol???

There were so many tempting deals during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events but unfortunately I ahd already spent a bulk of my budget on the tablet and other stuff prior to it even hiting Black Friday & Cyber Monday so alas. Next time :x
there are still deals going on throughout the Holidays, I just need to remind myself of the essentials that I need to get before the deals all die down if not theres always the back-to-schoo sales for said items:

external hard drive
external battery charge *a must have before I hit my bay area trip :x oh no*
and of course Polaroid Films. Though IDK if its too late to order them now...

My new ombre wig came in, this hair/weave color seems to be doing me the most favors as of lately. I have another one that I'm still quite unsure how to wear but we'll see how it works out :x

I did stumble through the mall the weekend *after* Black Friday, oops :x 
and procured a little accessories haul and a tote bag to go...
I went in with the intent of *possibly* getting a new purse
I've been eyeing this hand bag they had there which was a clear knock off of Chanel
but I had walked away from it twice since I already HAVE a Chanel bag but 
I don't really use it enough :X IDK something about it just feels so
pretensions or too much
that or its just not big enough to hold everything I think I need to bring with me :x
but Yeah I walked away from it twice considering it was $30....uh for $30 + a few more
you can get yourself a designer bag at Ross or Marshalls xD...#logic

but somehow  I ended up with this $2 tote and has been using it since. OOPS

Not going to lie, I'm kinda broke because I caved and saw Westwoods for a deal break online and alas....the purchase was made. I forget how heavy they can be - hence why I haven't worn my studs as much as I like to....probably also due to the fact that I do have gauges and I probably should figure that out. Put a tunnel in or something so it doesn't feel like these babies are dragging me down....

I keep seeing those 'collar' style necklaces as of late, they have a BUNCH of statement necklaces and as much as I use to think that I wasn't a fan of them I caved and got one.
Dainty wouldn't be the word to describe it if anything..
totes reminds me of Battle Royale esque....

As always, coat your cheapy necklaces and accessories in clear polish so they dont tarnish so easily or give you allergic reactions.

my little haul from meme box. Review is up on a previous post
coz I'm a skin care junky and seriously
anything that says 'milk' I'm all up on that :X

Mejibray fans, feel free  to throw shade and judgement.
This is what I came up with for my 'brand' for the sketching class
where in we had to design 10 piece collection
name it, brand it and slap it on a presentation board.
I kept mine to a minimum. I didn't use background drapes or colors. Everything is very monotone.

(also coz I just ran out of time lol but really. Most of my designs ARE meant to be monotoned)

I have ONE more final to do for tomorrow and thats for my buying & merchandising class.
one more to go. on more to go.
then I'm free and the countdown to vacation~

Holidays are important coz you spend it with your family but lets face it :x
driving up and down SoCal to see people isn't exactly something I'd call an ideal vacation uwu
sorry family but I'm tired LOL

lol ok the only thing I was /really/ egging on for Black Friday was Sugar Pill cosmetics
since the senpai got me Sparkle Baby uwu I've always been lusting over SP producst but IDK never got around to purchasing it for myself 
and I've long since been eying asylum since Lime Crime came out with its version long before SP came to existence

So happy I got these and for 30% off YES!
I got magpie and asylum

and yes, you know it. Its back with a vengence.
this game has made an appearance on my social media for years and no matter how old it gets (I know it does not age well) but I can't stop playing it. Its really addicting. I can honestly spend hours playing this uwu

and I even found my old copy of Emperor...after I finish Pharaoh + Cleopatra I'm gonna play Caesar 3 and then move onto Emperor ahahaha this is how my winter break will be spent OvO

(not really, I really wish hahaha!)

I got a lot of work to do during break uwu but yes

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