Friday, December 19, 2014

2015年12月18日 | Natural History Museum

Had the day off yesterday since we're finally officially on winter vacation but the fun doesn't start / end there?? OVO I def. still got a bunch of work and projects ahead of me and with the holiday season it, one cant help but want to just play and take a break q.q but there is definitely work that needs to be done that I'm just trying to put off even though I know I need to get working on them :x

I started on one but....its still far from progressive uwu;; ugh. Anyways before I ramble on longer about my procrastination habbit lets just talk about the fact that I finally managed  to wiggle my way to go and see King Tut's exhibit aka Pharaoh Tutankhamun of the 18th dynasty. The youngest Pharaoh to have lived & died and whose name has been tried to be buried in history until Howard Carter unearthed his burial and found him.

lol of course before I do my photo dump of the exhibit had to take a moment to selca (ahahaha) 
There was no full lenght mirror to do a proper OOTD (not like I really do them anymore :X oops) but it was finally cold enough to wear my fur cardigan. Its just a basic oversized cardigen with fur lining on the top aha. But I did get my new harness in *v* needs more...

But yes, digressing. 

Went on a little adventure down to Balboa Park. My trekking grounds when I was a freshman in college / senior in HS. Not much as changed except the Japanese Friendship garden 
where they did some major renovation and expanded the whole place. FINALLY. LOL.
No more trekking to LA for shoots! Granted, you do have to pay $50 for a permit to shoot here for a limited time, but still. Sounds like a good deal to me.

 Can't wait for spring time for when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. Until then, I want to enjoy the blissful cold mornings and nights winter brings. BRING IT.

The exhibit was amazing, glad I  went on a weekday instead of a weekend. I remember going to the Titanic one and it was PACK!!! But this one was nice since there were very limited people when I went, so it was great and felt like I had the place to ourselves. We were given ear pieces to listen on the audio guide as we maneuvered through the 2 story exhibit. The first floor had 3 set ups that show cased re-creations of his thomb and it was amazing how the lights were timed perfectly to the audio guide. And before you even enter the tour you get to view quite an entertaining 10 min. presentation about Mr. Carter which leads you to a suspenful - what happened next? Totes worth the $$$ and  be sure to bring your student ID to get a student discount!

The 2nd floor held his many treasures and even his mummy in an enclosed glass case. The attention to detail these Egyptians placed were so intense and detailed it was crazy. Not to mention everything was practically made of sold gold and ivory. Don't forget to wonder to the gift shop at the end ahahaha.

Wrapping up the little tour of Balboa Park I dropped by the little art village by the parking lot to see the festive decores they placed. This was the same place I shot Howl's moving castle - which I'm still backlogged on. Oops.

trying out the new sugar pill eyeshadows and the new weave, still kinda not sure how to wear this but i'll probably be packing this with me to SF.

Styled my hair for the first time in a while ahah, also added in pink to channel in that inner twilight sparkle bronie lol....

My mom also picked up a new, this thing is loud AND expensive :x the amount of fruit/veggies you go through is wowoweewow but its great though!

How to make instant ramen tolerable....
pepper and curry powder. OOPS. lol

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