Friday, January 2, 2015


First post for the New Year! Unfortunately nothing too exciting. I seriously thought last night was Sunday :x but oops its actually Thursday. Grateful for the day off and it was a chill relaxing day. NYE was pretty chill (with me drinking alone in my room and  I ended up on the floor just chilling ahaha then managed to crawl my way out to the living room to binge watch the last season for Legend of Korra ahahaa)

We had KFC and alcohol - well mostly me. Base was  strawberry daquiri but I poured in more rum, splash of pineapple juice and slices of oranges and more pineapple. I let it sit for a bit then chilled. And enjoyed >w<

Stayed up really late watching half of the Korra S4 and had to crawl myself out of bed the following day to catch a late lunch (or breakfast for me) with Dad and see Unbroken. I personally don't watch enough movies in the cinema :x I'm quite selective on when I go mostly coz I'm lazy and time constraints its really expensive if you go after the first showing... I enjoy movies just like anyone else but the cost and the effort ahaha... I missed quite a lot of blockbuster hits during 2014 due work schedule so it was a nice change for once to catch a *good* movie.
I ended up going with the little bro since dad's already seen it but yay thanks for the grub and movie tickets tho :o

I actually wanted Dennys lol, my traditional post drinking place but I didn't bother since I figured I wont be the only one thinking of Dennys after a night of binge drinking and considering I got up at 1-2pm...thats probably around the time people start to crawl out for food right? Panera it was! I've only been there like...3x???? :x nonetheless gratefully cradling my caramel freezie coffee thingie tho uwu yumyums. I even sneaked it into the theaters with me. Hue hue hue love coffee uwu

The movie was great tho :o I'm a big fan of WW2 and I miss having the history channel tbh :x

there wasn't much action on the movie as it was mostly a biographical movie about a mans survival against the odds. Rather inspiring and Miyavi was great there too. I definitely agree with how they humanized his character. I followed Miyavi's career as a young Vigei weeb (lol) and I remember seeing Oresama RAW with no subtitles, its definitely great to see him act in a serious role and especially in a period drama such as this.  
LOL the reason I thought it was a Sunday coz IDK. This whole holiday thing has been screwing up my schedule ahaha but been grateful that its been rather slow at work or just enough breathing room for a bit as we tackle on the new year with new beginnings but! I think it was also coz I was just way too excited for this trip that in my bout of travel anxiety I ended up packing...a whole week in does that...IDK if anyone else gets travel anxiety coz their just overly prepared or too scared that their not prepared enough :x I'm so use to traveling on my own time - drive myself mostly everywhere, I hate having to catch trains or flights coz I'm always paranoid I'd miss it! I've had a few very close calls on missing my train :x (I can say 1-2 times tbh but I've usually made it. I've only missed ONE train and that was my first time trying to use the Amtrak with a friend aha)  But with flights and the issue of having to run through security and etc...aaah see just thinking about it makes my head spin QWQ;; can you imagine me going through customs LOLOL I remember on the flights coming to the US before customs took FOREVER omg == my flight this time  around would be short and I'll be flying solo (this isn't my first rodeo) but hopefully it'll go smoothly since I'm not checking in any bags :x oops.

TRAVEL SIZE EVERYTHING PLS LOL  I've packed most of my clothing that I'm planning to wear in SF my biggest worry is that I wont have enough warm clothes (my dumbass packed mostly shorts and  tights LOOOO gdi. I packed ONE pair of leggings. I figured if anything I'm...gonna go shopping there AHAHA SO I LEFT SOME WIGGLE ROOM IN MY DUFFEL BAG FOR SHOPPING HAUL AHAHA and in my backpack too...I honestly dont think i'll be doing much shopping but definitely a lot of nomming :x so pack...baggy clothing ahahaha...with much leave for fooding

My flight doesn't leave till Thursday...and last night was Thursday...and I already packed...oops...


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