Sunday, December 29, 2013

G&G 3-tone purple lenses review

Its almost the end of the year and here I am trying to catch up on reviews / entries lol. Hi..
I've had these lenses for well over half a year now? Or should be right about half a year. I got them right intime for Anime Expo but never got around to reviewing them so here we go! :D

This time I'll be reviewing the Dueba/G&G Puffy 3-tone purple! I've reviewed a similar product but the green versions here

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 5.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal
(most recommends to replace your lenses after 3-6 months to promote healthy eyewear. I'm not a doctor so...dont take it from me)

I'll just be following the same format as I've had on my previous review as to be honest, there isnt much of a difference from the other lenses I got, except for these ones are a different color and I got these from Honeycolor! (versus Kiwiberry lenses)

Design: Like the green ones, these lenses features the same tri-color blends. A gold-ish hazel tone in the middle, then the purple violet tone and finishes itself off with a smaller black limbal ring around it. These lenses are SUPER vibrant but are incredibly comfortable! Thats saying alot considering these are quite vibrant in design and color. I have typically dark asian eyes - almost black but as you can tell on the photos below, these babies pop quite well! I even included a video for you.

Enlargement: Like the green ones, not exactly the best in terms of enlargement since the limbal ring blends in with the design, so unlike the princess Mimis or the other lenses that has a more pronounced black ring around it, the enlargement effect on these aren't exactly noticeable.
Comfort: The water content is not on the high 40s but its definitely still one of the more comfortable lenses I've worn and I've worn these for hours unend thats why I keep going back to the 3-tone series (other than the vibrancy and design) but to each their own in terms of comfort. I personally had a hard time with the princes mimi series, I've tried both grey and brown I've had better luck with the brown ones but like the previous grey pairs I owned. After 3 months of owning them, I just couldn't bare to wear them for more than an hr or two /:
I've tried peroxide rinses on them numerous times as well but its still not as comfortable. These lenses in terms of comfort level are up there with my old geo nudy and angel color ones as well as my Hanabi pairs.

Sunlit / Natural Light: 

Nighttime & artificial light:

So as you can tell from the photos above, these lenses are incredibly vibrant especially for those who have dark eyes and are looking for something vibrant. I highly recommend these for cosplay despite the limbal ring. They photograph incredibly well and would definitely compliment your cosplay a lot if you're looking for a nice softer look versus using a 1-tone colored lens which can look rather artificial at times - but again, to each their own! Hope this helped on your next lens selection!

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