Friday, December 6, 2013

Another manga ruined by anime? WHY SHINGEKI

I typically don't rant or talk about a lot of anime(s) here nowadays since I've pretty much lived under a rock lately and haven't really kept up with the anime scene as of late despite being an -obvious- cosplay photographer. I don't really devote a lot of time to watching a lot of series nowadays. I feel alot of the series coming out as of late has lost their charm or simply has been quite repetitive. Of course theres one of those gems that shines once  in a while and to be me, that was definitely Shingeko no Kyojin. I haven't thrown myself into a fandom so hard like this in almost a decade (wow that's a really long time LOL - ok I may be slightly exagerating but seriously. You know this is a comitted relationship when you drop money you dont have on a really expensive paper weight figurine of Heichou...)

I leave a lot of my anime ramblings on tumblr but this is just going to get buried under all my spam on tumbr..

Does anyone else notice how Isayama-sensei is looking more and more like Heichou? Wonder how many fangirls swooned over him because of

Partial translation taken from Sankaku:
The ending – you’ve said publicly that you had a specific ending for Shingeki envisioned from the start. You’re wavering with regard to that?

I.H: "The plot is pretty loose, there have been new elements added, and some characters have come to life in a really unexpected way."

So the story came to life on its own, and may now get a different ending to the one you had planned from the start?


That’s a huge change. I read all your interviews to date and I came to think you had some unbelievably traumatic mega-ending all planned out.

"I’m at a loss with respect to that. At first it was going to be a traumatic ending. Like in the movie ‘Mist’ where everyone dies, I wanted to do something like that.

Looking at all the fans who have come to support Shingeki by way of the anime, doing a criminal thing like that to them is just not something I can do, so I can’t really think that was what I really wanted in the first place.


I’m really lost, aren’t I?"
Everyone from my twitter feed to tumblr dashboard and Facebook are all screaming and yelling about this and personally, I'm not too fond of him 'selling' out and not going with a more traumatic ending. He has always done thing as he pleased - not a fuck is given type of thought as to his writing. He has done something so well that he made us fall in love with the characters and kill them off - George R.R Martin anyone? A song of ice & fire?...Game of Thrones?!!!

I'm honestly a bit disappointed that hes not going to grab our hearts and stomp on it like the sadist that he is. But really, who is to blame? The new fans who can't seem to stomach the lost of the charcters they find near and dear to them despite knowing that walking into this fandom you KNOW you YOU know your feels will be on the floor...

And referring to his last statement...will this mean that SnK will go on a hiatus mode and then just give us half ass predictable endings like Naruto did? /:  At some point in my life I was /that/ invested in Naruto and as soon as things started going downhill I just decided to jump ship. I was hoping SnK wouldn't make that same mistake. Or would go on permanent hiatus like NANA did ): I can't deal with this separation anxiety.

The disappointing thing really is that there is talk that he plans on ending this in 20 volumes. Which is a good nice even number and we are already half way there and I'm really hoping shit goes down in a blaze of glory. I hope Isayama-sensei reconsiders his decision on dropping the traumatic ending and continue to write SnK as how he saw best fit. Not everything needs a happy ending.
Tragic endings leave a bigger scar.

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