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Insta-dump June :: July recap

I'm terrible and I dont know how much out of order all this will be because I am behind again. AX has come and gone and I think the last post I did was basically post well we're well into August so heres my recap for June-July. I know I'll probably put up a more legit AX recap post...though I dont think I did /that/ much... so I'll probably put some of the AX stuff here since I don't think theres much  to warrant a full on post...maybe.

I've been pretty busy coming from AX and onwards with commissions, trying not to be backlogged on photo processing and life in general. I don't know how behind I am and am trying real hard to try and keep up but man, sometimes I just wanna curl up in bed and give up and just sleep for a week. I'm always tired now and I gotta admit I am super  feeling my age lol!
So lets back track to instabites from May-July/Early August coz I'm lame like that and will eventually get around to doing a full AX blog or something like that. Theres a few cons / events coming up too that I'm considering going...just to go...IDK. It'll give me something to do but I feel I gotta stay productive though. UGH we'll see!??!!
Basically picking up where I last left off during Universal trip. Me and shin went shopping before Universal trip~ and picked up some stuff while we were out. First time buying LUSH soap. I got 'Rock Star' coz it smelled like cotton candy! Personally I prefer musky scents for perumes but for some reason I have a soft spot for sweet dessert scented soaps...I thought I'd have outgrown that by far its lasted me quite a long time. I'm surprised and it didn't give me any issues with break outs and etc! (unlike bath and body works which I avoid like a passion...except for their eucalyptus line...)
I did end up picking up a Bvlgari travel perfume. Definitely loving the musky-er undertones in this. Not too strong or overpowering. Love it. Its definitely a good substitute for my Boudoir since I'm so scared to use Westwood on a daily since its so precious! I need to get me a full bottle of this one or just keep repurchasing the mini one which is great coz I can throw it in my bag - forever running late...
Does anyone else get rather depressed when they clean out their bag after coming from a weekend away with friends? All that stuff was thrown all over my bag when I was up-north...looking back at it reminds me how I miss being up there...
Our last meal together as everyone was at BCD Tofu House too. I am obsessed with boiled tofu soup! LOL I've probably gone several times since the new  Tofu House opened near my work lol...
Also cleaning out my bag I discovered several lighters...All these confiscated lighters from all my drunk friends...looking back at it now (in August) I managed to unearth 2 more to add to my growing collection...damn all those smokers! lol.
May came and went, it was my birthday month and I also did quite a bit of shopping prior to all that. WELP!!! I'm sure I'm missing some stuff here but lol. Its ok, I bought 2 pairs of shoes that month - the red ones I wore at Fanime, idk its somewhere in my IG...and a new pair of Rocking Horse shoes! I've been eyeing the ones with the studs for such a long time. Like, years honestly! So I finally caved and got them...bodyline had a sale lol! even though I haven't worn them out much - I only got a chance to wear them over the weekend briefly for my grandmas memorial but I have yet to trek the streets in them...
Maybe one of these days I'll be able to do a proper review for the BodyLine Rocking Horse shoes. I searched high and low and only found very few reviews...I'm sure there were some from before back when LJ was still very prominent (well, I stopped using LJ a long time ago) but I was just curious on reviews about it but google didn't generate much for me. I do appreciate the snap application instead of the buckles though but I'm so scared if I man-handle them that they'll rip...
You can see how beat up my first pair of RHS are. I think I got them back when I was fresh out of HS?? Probably freshman in college its been several years since I've had them and I still love them as they are /super/ comfortable. I trekked all over Houston in them :D
I'm not super big on the jelly melissa RHS sandals tbh...since it still cuts me on the front where it rubs against the front of the foot. I'm looking for the wooden insole ones with the wrap around...I can't remember which brand carries them but I'd love to add more to my endless RHS collection ahaha...I just firmly believe that RHS should always have the wooden soles lol!!!
Another birthday gift / mothers day gift to me was concert tickets to see JOURNEY! YESSSS time to check that off my bucketlist. The show was great. It was open air out in LA. I wish I got some merch but its all good :3  I was surprised by the turn out - we had people from different ages and every walk of life. Music truly transcends everything and with such a dynamic band like Journey. Not surprised! Now I just need to see Aerosmith and other glam bands lul...what a time to be alive.
the OOTD for the concert, lately I've been loving monochrome OOTDs
and mostly coz I'm lazy. But yes. Something about black x white everything looks great lately lol
And I've never owned white till recently...
not long after the Journey concert, Big Bang announced their US tour dates and wowowewow. Their playing both in Anaheim and Los Angeles and it was happening the same timeframe as my sisters birthday. So, MVP sister level. I got her tickets to see Big Bang. Something to look forward to in the fall *v* I honestly haven't kept up with them so I hope they play some songs I know! LOL

sister recently came back from her year in Japan and brought me back so much eggtrash that it has taken over my bed! (Sayu also brought me gudetama back aaaa lolol I love that all my friends who came from Japan just brings me egg trash >w< move aside Rilakkuma)
the last few months was also a busy time for wedding gigs! I had 2 recently~ make that $$$ though!

Some commissions I worked on~ Song of Doll & Touken Ranbu
and I unearthed my old Cosmodes! I picked up a new issue when I was in Little Tokyo before but I didn't get the JUNE issue which is the Tourabu one! UGH!!! 

 Since I've been really busy with stuff I kinda...stopped caring for a bit and it was rather depressing when you look back at the times that you actually gave 2 shits of how you looked like sounds vain but when you feel like you look good, you feel good uwu but I really like dressing like a hobo now looo (jk) but as comfy as possible???

 You cant see it well here but I got a bunch of those super drapey assymetric cardigans and I got this one from H&M and I could sworn it was a knock off Yamamoto and I got a long hoodie too thats probably knocked off from Alexander Wang or Rick Owens (I haven't worn it out yet but when I do I need my platforms coz it drags looo) 'More issues than vouge' Nikki Lipstick but I've been seeing it knocked off all over the place now - namely Forever21 which is notorious for taking indie stuff and blowing it up. I saw it on a watch on F21 website too...

I told myself no more last minute projects before a con but look what I go and do.....
I ended up making Maid Saber in like a day and a half and Rin in one evening lol.....wowoewow.
I started draping on a side project I wanted to do - I'm obsessed with Wednesday Adam style dresses :x I've always wanted one from years before but wasn't sure how to get my hands on one but thankfully their so in style now so their readily available (I could have sewn one myself a long time ago but looo)  
This was a longer post tbh but I decided to cut it short...
After AX I did a series of photoshoot with the Florida kids but I decided not to include that in this entry and just dump it all on a bigger post regarding AX and the shoots I did with them - I'm just processing more photos before I can do that...
I also got a  new phone~ I got my sister the Galaxy S6 which I was originally  going to get lol but I saw the glass backing and all those iphone horror stories came to mind no....and I really liked my HTC anyway so I went with the upgraded one, so I from HTC M7 to the HTC Desire Eye
its comparable to the size of the iPhone 6+ and wow theres like no cute cases for this phone LOL! So I got a clear case and sacrificed one of my Gudetama stickers from AX uwu;;;

basically in short, the rest of the month after AX was spent freaking out about life and commission work :x and I'm still behind - how long have I been saying this??? I also got sick sometime during that period...and recently my Grandmother passed away and last night we performed the final novina of her passing (10th day of mourning) She will definitely be missed. I feel bad for grandpa who is alone. I unfortunately couldn't make it since she was back home.

I haven't been home in over 10+ years...I grew up with Grandma, her passing hit hard. I remember spending endless summers at her house. Marbled flooring. Running up and down her house. Watching her work on the sewing machine, she never taught me how to sew but I learned by watching her. I'm grateful for everything she's left us. I just wish I was more present in her time here.

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