Monday, June 15, 2015


Blog is really due in for a facelift but wow much lazy...I'm not even consistent enough with entries to really give it much though but it'd be nice to atleast change things up...ugh...maybe eventually I'll get to it uwu;; I still got a few review lenses to do but ahaha...yeah... about those ):
again those are on the bucket list of things to do / address and'd think with school being over for the semester that I'd have more time?...yeah right, time just seems to be so valuable but it always seems to fly out so quickly. Not to mention I've been in need of some major potato-mode to recover for how insane schedule has been the last few weeks with Fanime, Finals and well this yolo trip to Universal (a few weekends ago but wow still not recovered ahaha)

But omg yes, super yolo last min trip! We went to Universal the day before Shin had to fly back to Japan and yay for Toshi and Christian for joining us. IDK you'd think we'd have planned this better but my focus was too much on finishing finals and making it to Fanime uwu;;
but we made it! I haven't been to Universal in over 10+ years so it was definitely interesting to be back there. So much has changed.
We started the weekend trip by driving up straight to Union Station Los Angeles friday night right after work to pick up Toshi. I haven't been to Union in a long time...I use to ride the amtrak and etc all the time there. Oh memories lol...and we stumbled over to Dennys which coincidently is the same Dennys that is located by LAX convention center. Much nostalgia...and the irony that I know I'll be there a month from now ahaha (or less than a month from now! lol)


The squad! It was a pretty warm day but it was also pretty breezy. we weren't dying or burning out in the sun. Yay. Feet were hella tired tho lol...sometimes I wish I just  give in and wear trainers/running shoes tbh but my trainers are a bright obnoxious color - might be a good thought to invest in some blackxwhite modest ones for days when I know I'm going to be doing /alot/ of walking....


Started off at Universal City walk, we didn't really explore much but I didn't realize how much food places there was there. I don't even really remember Universal City walk at all from the last time I visited :O! Maybe last time I went my dad drove straight to the park - designated park parking lot...for this one I parked where the City walk would be?...(lol no wonder the parking lot looked...smaller...ahaha)

The first stop we did was Water World! This was  definitely new and we got in there right on time so the line / wait was very short :D we only had to wait less than 30 mins to get seated and for the show to even start.

The show was cheesy but definitely had alot of action and obviously water fights lol. Much explotion too! Can't complain about those. But the thing that hyped me and Christian the most was the set up. Oh man, if only I had that set to pla with - I'd definitely to ham all over it. Maybe one of these days I'll take a trip back to the Salton Sea to do a shoot lol....

The hype for Harry Potter....OvO I gotta admit, I was never a *big* Harry Potter fan..thats not to say I don't read but IDK when Harry Potter was huge years ago I was riding a whole different fandom and just couldn't quite get into it /: whoops but I am excited to see the park open up since Florida is just too far LOL - plus I've been to Florida when my mom use to live there. Theres absolutely no motivation for me to go back lol...

will probably be back next year when this opens up coz I know Shin definitely wants to go and visit it...but idk LOL tbh Universal wasn't as great as I expected lol but it was still fun nonetheless - I mostly got a lot of motion sickness from a majority of the rides since alot of them were 3D...

Wow I'm so old now. Maybe I'll just  go to Disneyland instead ahahaha

Second stop was The Simpsons place, we didn't get to walk around into the little quirky shops they had coz I guess we were trying to make the most of the day OvO;; again the ride was a 3D hover ride thingie and woah. Motion sickness ~_~;;

The next 'ride' we did was the one I enjoyed the most ahaha --- the studio tour! LOL

They walked us through some of the sets and props used in Jurassic Park and how most of the stuff they used was definitely Styrofoam and paint. Like woah. Yep! This water rushing effect was definitely my favorite and one of the ones I will always remember from our first trip to Universal :D

They also informed us that for most water and rain effect shots - the best way to really showcase the rain droplets is that they mix it with milk powder so it shows a white effect so you can /see/ the droplets. #protip!

Here they showed us a mini replica set. I guess movie magic is that you take  a miniature set and blow it up on the PC and super impose your actors in it. Much interesting :D
I know me and Christian talked about possibly trying that one of these days but wow its gonna take so much time.

The earthquake subway ride! This scared the shit out of me as a kid (I was probably 7 when we went - 7, young, stupid and na├»ve afk LOL) I remember getting so pissed at it coz I was so fucking confused wtf is going on. 

They closed the Jaws ride...I remember being too scared to get on the ride as a kid coz Jaws terrified the shit out of me as a kid - to the point that when my brohter would scream 'shark' even in a pool...=3=;; my dumbass would swim so fast and get out of the water so fast you dont even know...

I probably would have gone on the ride now as an adult...if it was still open...

The set from Transformers~ all debree lol dirt dirt and dirt. If you paid more $$$ you'd be able to get off the tram and walk around some more, but we were cheap so we only got to glance....

Bought giant pink Simpsons donut to share with everyone! And took the rest home for the family :D;;

I skipped the Jurassic park ride since I already rode it before and nope nope nope not down for big drops nor am I down to get wet LOL...Shin and Toshi were soaked.

The mummy ride was definitely the longest wait and the shortest ride too...there was an annoying kid who kept bumping into me and I had to tell this kid off once or twice and ugh.  I was so over that child. The mummy ride is basically space mountain but backwards...LOL...again....3D effect....

The last ride we did for the day was Transformers! The line was probably as long as the mummy if not longer - also could be because we were all really exhausted from the drive the day before and then staying up talking ahaha....but this ride slayed me. It just made me so nauseous I was just so done QAQ!!! Thankfully it was the last stop for the day and we just ended up walking back to the car after and didn't even bother with any other stop (I thnk the last thing we didn't get to ride was the Minions....)

It was Shin's last night before heading back to Japan )': so for the last meal together before everyone goes back to their designated places uwu we went to Tofu House in Ktown since it was also practically 10-11pm lol...I took a power nap when we got back to Christians and a quick shower coz I do NOT like the feeling of sunscreen on my skin )': nope nope nope

This was also the same Tofu house I took my sister before she flew out to Japan lol...welp!

Drove super late back to SD but no traffic so yay. Passed out as soon as we got home and then we were up early the following morning to give us enough time to walk around the mall to run quick errands before Shin boarded the international terminal to Seattle then Japan uwu

wow seriously, the other terminal is A LOT nicer looking than the Southwest terminal /:
I swear one of these days I'm gonna fly with virgin or delta again lol so I can be in the nicer terminal LOLOL!!!

Emptying out my purse from the past 2 weekends - Fanime and Universal. Much photos were taken. This is such a sad sight uwu till we all meet again~

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  1. wah so cool *-* I was in Univesal Studios from Paris, but this looks better!