Friday, May 29, 2015

Fanime 2015!

I just want to start with wow! Its been *such* a long time since I've really enjoyed myself at a con :)
I miss everyone so much and post con depression is hitting so so so so hard lol.

Trying so hard to stay awake at work right now too....lolol

This is surprising that I'm even writing this so soon since normally I give it MONTHS before I can actually sit down and do my con-report but since I'm still in vacation mode (despite being back at work) ahahaha I wanna pen this down as quickly as I can before I loose out more precious details uwu;;

This was the first time in /forever/ that I actually cosplayed and wow, idk how to explain it but so many mixed emotions! Tho I didn't wear my costume for long it was still incredibly fun! I got to the con 'late' both days I wore Saber out to but still quite proud how it turned out since I didn't get to do a full fit test prior to coming to Fanime nor have I made myself such an elaborate costume since TB. I know last year we did Dream of Doll but man oh man, its one thing when you like the character but its another when the character your cosing if your queeeeeen ahmygawd. IDK I'm quiter relieved I didn't go running for the hills after I dawned on my entire costume, wig, and makeup lolol since I was so nervous to even wear her (even throughout the sewing and planning process) no one else's opinion matters but my own lolol towards myself ahaha it also helped inflate my ego just a tiny bit when I heard a comment or two from someone saying 'what a pretty saber~~~' yes I like to think their loving the costume ahahaa plz QWQ I'm actually really happy with it but I might have to still redo some parts of the bodice but other than that. I'M HAPPY WITH IT.

I didn't get a chance to do a proper shoot with anyone at the con but that's ok since we botched up the sword uwu;; and will be redone intime for AX :3 and I'm kinda being ambitious and trying to see if I can make 2 more Saibas loooo in time???


Day 0 - I decided it was a good idea to work half the day for day 0 before catching my flight to SF QWQ it was a bad idea, I was juggling finals and commission and my own cosplay the days/weeks prior to Fanime and wow, it was just such a bad idea. Shin flew in from Japan too the day before lol so it was hectic catch up time - work on cosplay - finish everything type of deal. OHMYGOD lol

Hand sewing all the damn rhinestones to her skirt qAq
I actually had to order those stones like 3x....the first time it came in the wrong size
the 2nd time it came in the wrong color (BLACK)
and finally by the third time, I got it right uwu;;;
I did opt to use velvet for a bulk of her costume because I wanted something rich
instead of using satin or twill, idk, I wanted something more regale and amazing coz Nero saber is too sassy for satin lol....I'm glad it turned out well :D! (imho)

WIP photos of what I was working on the entire week prior to Fanime/Finals ahahaha Nero Saber and Noel Vermillion from Blazblue (for a friend) I had originally also made Sheryl Nome but had opted out from wearing her to the con :X she needs some major adjusting uwu;; since I kinda made her too well!!!

Being super gross at the airport! I had to work a half shift at the office before jet setting out to SFO ): but yay flying buddy!
NGL I seriously am not a fan of the SD terminal for Southwest LOL maybe I'm just sick of that terminal coz its so small and old uwu;; granted you are flying with Southwest and not something fancy like Virgin or Delta. Maybe someday I'll fly with them again...I just really like that Southwest has free check-ins uwu...

Thursday night - we arrived to SFO around 7??? And the rest of the evening was spent playing DOA4(wow really need a PS4 now), prepping for Fanime then it quickly turned into an all nighter party trying to finish as much of the props and armor as we can QWQ

At one point we even had to leave at 430am and run to Walmart coz I was done drilling holes with a dermal and bought a power drill. UGH. LOL.

WIP of Bro-skander and SABER! That epic cape tho!!! In the end we didn't get to finish everything to the satisfaction as it could have been. CJ who was so kind enough to make my sword ran out of bondo so the sword will be redone completely for a round 2 for Anime Expo. (Gdi and I wasn't really intending on going ahaha fuck)

I'm actually gonna end up remaking the bodice for Saber, I need to check if I have enough of the velvet to redo it and a shame the trims uwu;;; but I'll recycle the buttons and chains off it :x
I made the bodice not too fitted by the bust and alittle too high. 

None of us really got any sleep, I cheated and took power naps and was woken up by a cat on my face :x I'm a dog person so IDK wtf to do with cats but it sat there wanting to be petted....

I dont even remember what time we left Hayward to SJ uwu coz we were running late desperately trying to finish as finish as much as we could uwu;; I tried to salvage the sword as much as we can.
Basically, the plan was to use a thicker pice of PVC board. But that didn't work so CJ tried to do eva foam in between 2 thinner pieces of boards and smooth out the edges with Bondo. Turned out ran out of bondo so option 2 was to use expandable foam. Nope. Expandable foam eats right through the eva foam so dont do it :x

A redo will be done! Went to get coffee and shitty mexican food LOL!!! Then off we were to the con for day 1 excursion....

Day 1:  As I mentioned, we came to the con pretty much late qAq since we were desperate to try and get as much stuff done for our Fate cos as much as possible but alas~~~~ but we arrived around Noon..or later...everyone else was already cosplay...LOL Since we arrived late and we were tired AFK it was pretty much just catch up with everyone uwu;; and the rest of the evening was spent helping Toshi finish that damn Unicorn cos and commandeering all the other friends to help finish Rider too ahahaha!


 When me and Toshi plan what to pack the answer is always:
"What are you gonna wear / what did you pack?"
"I packed for my funeral. All black. Allday errday"
Toshi brought the girls flowers LOL omg whut~~~

That angry one is me....gpoy so bad
Ok no seriously, where do I get a fat bear suite too ?

THE DAY HASN'T EVEN ENDED/PASSED AND ALREADY MANAGED TO SPEND SO MUCH MONEY OMG AHAHAHA....I normally don't shop at cons tbh :X but idk, that  anime trash lyfe got the best of me and I ended up buying a Saber Nendroid QAQ

I was really debating hard on the bigger red figure but the pricing was not comparible to online, only the nendroid(s) were uwu...I will come back for you waifu...I will...
Was also heavily debating on the bride saber and gilgamesh but Shin ended up getting the waifu for me qAq!!!!!

Got the little brother a build-fighter HG Gundam and hoooolller one cannot pass up the limited edition Char Zaku!!!! LOL

Dinner was oooook at some over priced Korean place :x totes not worth. The soju was also really over priced and was like water uwu. The food options near Fanime is really sad but oh well, atleast theres always subway and quicklys...


I'm pretty sure I took more selfies with everyone but somehow I guess I didn't??? uwu
Day 1 night was spent sober and tired, helping painting late into the night. I cheated and also kept sneaking in naps at Toshi's room while everyone worked LOOOO but I guess this brings us to Day 2 right!?!??!?!?


I'm just gonna merge these 2 days together since they were practically the sameeeee LOL whut??? I didn't really book any shoots for Fanime since I've been on the down low for shoots lately but now that school is done and I'm slowly getting back into cosplay, lets see where it goes from here?

Day 2 was the big debut of our cosplays - none of us really slept uwu so face masks to the rescue!

We rewore our costumes both days since we clearly don't last very long in them uwu
lesson learned: really really really consider investing in some /good/ insoles uwu or you will die.
Lotsa selfies with friends before we chickened out  - ran back to the room to change into potato modes ahaha...

The boot covers were basically from hell and made it really hard for me to lace them up myself. LOOO so ty friends for putting up with my insanity lawls

much selfies with friends, I didn't do any shoot for saiba so hopefully by AX when we have the re-done sword I'll get more photos of it :x welp. Also it didn't help that we got to the con like, IDK at 2pm!? LOO (or later ahaha) thankfully it wasn't /that/ hot uwu;;;





 Changed out of Saiba into a seifuku but it was too big :X so I tried to take it in and I'm pretty sure I still need to fix it. i may or may not have cut it too short. welp. Can always make a new pleated skirt if need to AHAHAHA.....but changed out of that for dranks!


Day 2 drank night was kinda crazy. Friend wasn't planning on throwing a party but I guess it turned out to be just that. Wondered about trying to see people. Ran int ofriends but failed to selfie with many of them...ended up crawling back to the hotel tired to repeat it on day 3

Day 3 was when broskander finally made his appearance - slightly incomplete uwu but it was a good trial run, hopefully we'd be more complete by Anime Expo? :X


Woke up at a fairly decent time on Day 3 plague with body aches lol considering none of us has had any real sleep the week(s) prior. I was juggling sewing and finals and a full time job.
 So wow, everything definitely was in pain when we got up. Got some crappy sushi from Safeway :x just to have something in my system before getting back into saibaaaa

 I also ended up caving and getting Gilgamesh Nendroid ahahah qAq that day since I was staring at it the first time and wasn't sure uwu but glad I shameless OTP shit.

Fanime is also my birthday month and since I was working my birthday week and I missed DragCon coz of finals Fanime celebration it was. Originally we wanted to get cake- somehow we ended up getting CREAM.
I'm disappointed at the green tea ice cream - then again I was told you really go there for the ice cream sandwhiches not a cone LOL...I felt the preassure when i got there so IDKKK lol I should have gotten a warm brownie and ice cream uwu gdi LOL...WELL NOW I KNOW BETTER QAQ
I don't even remember what we had for Dinner, not that it was important. But after CREAM it was dranks again LOL! This time I was dragged away to bartend for the band;  BACK-ON!


tbh it wasnt much of a bartending considering all the booze was back in our room and all they really had was Kahlua...........white russians......all night...

then someone snuck in Soju LOL...but it def was not party time. Left after and went back to party with the friends uwu and hang out at the convention center till the sun came up LOL....

by some miracle I managed to fit all my anime trash in my suitcase along with my clothes
if there is a will there is always a way AHAHHA

I really really like the SJ airport uwu so wide, so clean, much coffee too
and outlets lol....


This concludes my FANIME, everything hurts when you wake up being all gross-afk.
It wasn't super exciting but it was really nice to have seen friends.
It has definitely become my favorite convention so far and cannot wait to come back.
this is also the con that has sparked back my interest to cosplay >w<
oops maybe 

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