Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Colour Pop!

About late April / early May I placed my first order for Colourpop Cosmetics since its all over Instagram and its really really really gdamn cheap LOL so why not!?

The brand is a vegan friendly brand based out in LA, their items are incredibly soft and pigmented. They seriously glide like butter when you apply and swatch them. Definitely duped of UD in terms of product consistency. Maybe even more buttery. :o

They do have limited color selection and no swatches on their website so I had to rely a lot on the descriptions on site and google search images :X

Below swatched are the following:

swatches above are the following:  cricket, drift and wisp (color shock cheek)  and creature (lip liner)
This was not my original order tbh LOL I had ordered a darker red in place of the wisp cheek color but due to a mishap in processing they sent me a highlighter by accident.  I quickly contacted Colourpop and mentioned I was interested still in placing a 2nd order, I got free shipping and a coupon for the replacement  to get the right color I wanted which was the darker more matte brick red.

I will probably edit or post a new entry on all the colourpop colors I got with better swatches since I've only swatched out the ones I first got on my first order.
but, I do gotta say, I love Colourpop and wish they will continue to expand on their colors. They are super pigmented, blends well, lasts long. It does crease after a while (just like any eyeshadow does) so be sure to wear primer, But other than that. The color pay off is amazing for $5!!!
Shipping is also very reasonable at $5 flat rate, the processing time is about 3 days per order but not too bad :x
The lipsticks are just like MELT cosmetics but for a fraction of the cost! I love the sleek packaging too. Super super soft, DOES have a vanilla scent to it. Doesn't dry or drag across the lips. Love it.
I actually wore that lippie over the weekend when I wore Saber :D

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