Friday, May 1, 2015

April | Hiking

Took me forever to finally upload this, I don't know how people make time to blog anymore. I know a few of the people who I follow have pretty much also fell off the radar in terms of blogging. Life, right? I keep saying this and I will probably not stop talking about it - we're getting closer to the end of the semester and I'm definitely feeling so behind on everything. I'm also quite behind on Saber....all this in between finals and life. Welp. I'm just gonna take this time to insert adventures from a few weekends ago when Ying came down from NorCal to visit!

He flew in Thursday evening and we got some late-night sodium heavy Ramen ahaha I dont think I saved the photos from that time but yes! Late night curry ramen, 3am beach runs and the following day we slept in but still crawled out of my room to make it down to go hiking :D I swear that trail felt like it lied to us coz it definitely felt more than 3 miles one-way....I guess it didn't help the fact that we didn't use the main trail too...



It was hot, but it was also a really nice place to go. I want to go back again but next time maybe I'll bring my bike so I can get in and out of there quicker and maybe make it even further past the Waterfalls :D but first I need to fix my bike too AHAHA. Hopefully can do more hiking adventures when things die down from the madness of cons and finals. I personally use to hate being outside coz no one wants to get dark QWQ but oh well, just cover it and it'll be daijobs right?! 

It was a super quick weekend, I wish I had taken more time off work tbh and made the trip more worth it :X sorry bruh, next time we'll make it longer!!!! But of course, after hiking almost 10 miles (I might be exaggerating here) it was time to get turnt!!!!

I think we pretty much laid in my room for a long while after showering trying to decide if it was worth getting dressed....tbh...I already threw my face on, that was effort enough. I could not be arsed to bother anymore than that so we went out in HAREM SWEATS lol. Yes. We didn't bother going to a nice bar or a club - we just ended up at my usual place :x ahahaha

first time trying grilled cheese corn, we were like whats that??? and our waiter was like, its quite literal....corn...and...cheese....LOL but yooo it was so good! We even ended up ordering 2-3 more platters of it ahaha and howmuchsoju??? we even got a free soju after all that!

The next day was pretty much like this:

We somehow managed to get enough will to stumble our way to Los Angeles for a brief hour or two to check out the Xenon event, grab food at Curry House and scurry our way back to SD.

Spent the last day in bed just taking it super easy coz we're old and tired. Grabbed boba, mall then airport! Not much to report tbh~ I got some hobo gear but its hard to take photos of it but H&M is definitely on-point in terms of drapey hobo wear channeling that Kpop x Rick Owens realness

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