Saturday, April 4, 2015

フェイト/エクストラ [セイバー] | Fate Stay Extra Saber Progress

Some progress - behind the scene stuff on how I am making my Fate Stay Extra Nero Saber Cosplay.
This post is mostly going to consist on how I made her boots armor. Click 'read more' to see the photos~

Ah, before I even begin, let me say I am pretty embarassed by this post lol considering I am not a big prop maker nor have I dabbled in alot of armor work. I've done the research and seen the different techniques on how to do it but I admit I don't really do a lot of them. I wish I did but hopefully this is step 1 into getting there! Also, its been /years/ since I've done a costume for myself. I don't really count my Delphine Dream of Doll costume as much ;x oops sorry. But its all about Ducan but here I am tackling the impossible task of trying to cosplay my queen Saber QWQ I'm sorry already for those who are fans of her that I am not gonna do her justice ahaha. If I could get someone else to wear her I'm sure the majority would be happier...


As you can see, I pretty much just took some liberties on how the overall look would be. I wanted it to match how gaudy my costume would be so to me that spells out, trims trims and more trims! And of course nothing is complete without gems!!!

I did my research on her overall shoe shape armor but its pretty straight forward in terms of shape.


Homegirl over here needs every help she can get when it comes to height so I opted to find the chunkiest heel platform boot I could find LOL and lucky for me I had these pair of booties from H&M lying around my box of shoes that has not been worn since I got them :x and lucky for me they were super on sale so I don't mind sacrificing them at all to the cosplay deities lol

First and foremost you want to do your paper pattern before you start cutting into your craftfoam or w/e product you chose to use. I made mine in different components and had planned on having them Velcro and attach on the back of the heel as you can see on my paper pattern where the laches would be.


I can say the hardest part I can say is making the calf part ): I think anyone can pretty much attest to how hard it is to make that portion. You can google up many different techniques on how people made their knee boots cover. For me the hardest part was configuring a way to fasten and close the boot around my fat runner calves me, I feel no matter what I do their not gonna get any smaller xD;;; 

I was also adamant that I wanted the calf portion to not be loose and floppy. So I opted to do a corset eyelet closure. It'll be a pain trying to put it on and off and later only did I realize I could have installed a zipper on the side....I even bought zippers at LA Fashion District too...OH WELL TOO LATE NOW LOLOL...I'LL JUST GET UP REALLY EARLY TO PUT SABER ON AND HOPE I CAN SIT MY BUTT DOWN AS OFTEN AS I CAN COZ THESE SHOES ARE NOT ALL THAT COMFORTABLE AHAHA NEED TO GET ME SOME INSOLES TOO QWQ

Welp and here is the finished base shoe and progress on her bodice piece :D




everything on this shoe armor is adjustable! So come day of Fanime I'm definitely going to have to adjust and tighten up the pieces so there isn't much of a gap or any gap at all on them!
Lastly, heres a progress on another Fate costume for my mini unofficial Fate group!
Can anyone guess it???
//whispers...Broskander OvO!!!!

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