Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Update

In a sad attempt to try and update this blog a lot more~ ahahaha
So just an update as of late.

Things are finally falling into place that they should :D
we just got a new flat screen tv for the living room. FTW! Just waiting now for the HDMI cables we order from Amazon to come in so I can play COD again :3

Just got a new car, its a White 2009 Nissan Versa Hatchback. Not my very first pick, but a car is a car! My top picks were the Scion XB (box cars ftw oAo), a Scion TC or the Acura RSX or a Honda Si. Was really banking on the box car since I test drove one a while ago and they are just freakin' awesome! I also test drove a TC before with a muffler in it! Back when I was thinking of trading in my 92 Jaguar. but backed out since the financing would have cost me $300 a month. oAo

but yes, now I am no longer carless. Just. Super broke >D! lalalalawlz. Mortgage payments ;_; yaaaay.

We broke in the new big screen with some good ol' Halo Reach. The tv I believe is 46"? not quite sure but something like that, sucks/sad that I'm pretty rusty with Halo. I've been more on Whack-ops lately ._____. but haven't played in awhile. lolz. I wonder how sucky I'd be if I picked it up again tonight.

but yes, busy busy, trying to get life in order. New car, now the hunt for new jobs. I have a stack of job apps/cover letters I need to write and send my resume out to. Amazing craigslist but sucks at the same time since the competition is so fierce! oAo its so unnerving sometimes since I'm not a college grad-yet. ;_; but I am applying for school again, come summer, I -need- to sign up for summer sessions since I missed Spring. bah! And could def use the Financial Aid too, school is not cheap at all! D<

so been busy doing that, I have a long list of things that 'needs to be done' thats just been piling up, more importantly - job apps needs to be done.
list a few items up on craigslist - unwanted furniture and other stuff
I've been itching to sew or make something for a while now. I've also looked back into possibly doing dread wigs/fall commissions again oAo I did miss doing that. I'll probably look at investing in a steamer too since I'm still doing the ghetto towel+really hot straightener method D<
since its getting warmer too, I can probably make my dread/falls at the balcony lawlz :B

I use to offer doing extensions for people via craigslist and do visual kei styling/cut/color for people up and down LA and SD county, but I think at this point I'd rather just go back to doing dreads. Less customer interaction xD;; no its not coz I'm anti social, its just easier to make dreads/falls and send them out rather than setting up a meeting time to do someones hair
and you have NO idea how hard/time consuming it is to do peoples extensions ;_; but I'm really debating about doing it again.

I almost feel that the cyber scene is dieing but not quite. I'd like to experiment with falls again and whatnot. I still have my old ruki hair piece. I'd love to make myself a big huge dread wig in browns and blondes fufufu. Big hair is big :D it might turn out to be a pretty heavy wig in the end + be super warm in the summer time too lolz. oh jeez.

but yeah, I have a few entries I need to finish writing up on my hair blog / product reviews and etc. I'm so behind. but most importantly, I need to finish my job applications! D<

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