Monday, March 28, 2011

AnimeConji 2011

Anime Conji was this past weekend! San Diego's first ever real Anime Convention, funny how it took us this long to actually come up with one. SD has always been famous for hosting Comic Con but as most of you know, its primarly a COMIC book convention :B and pop culture versus more of an anime one.

This was Conji's 2nd year around, the last time it was held at the Double Tree hotel and this year was at the Town & Country Inn, which had a convention center! but, unfortunately by the time we got there, it looked like the convention center got booked by another con which left Conji to try and pack everything in the little area that is the con, it felt like a maze/sardines walking through the tiny hallways with the vendors selling out of the hotel rooms! :o

yeah, well atleast this year felt like there was a bigger turn out of people. I didnt cosplay and unfortunately, I didnt even bother taking photos of cosplayers. There were a few but truth be told, I wasnt feeling it with the location of the con, and most of the people from ALA were at this con too. I also got the feeling that the con was a very 'sexified' con. Ahahaha rumors had it after we left at sat night, people were running in spanks and were having sex at the balcony in the whee hours of the morning! ahahahah

well, there WERE a few people running around in skimpy bikinis at the con, funny, it was under 65 the entire time, despite the sun being out, it was still pretty chilly!

lol, yesss my hair is brown and I got my extensions back on, I dont wear them daily. And dang, my hair went down in the chair! LOLZ. I guess its time to trim my layers again oAo;;

Has anyone else notice but Ash seems to have the coolest jackets all the time hu?!

yes a fashion comment, this one looked like a white motorcycle jacket with a hoodie too! it reminds me of my brothers white motor jacket.

Anthony, Amanda, Michael (of and Ash all came Friday night to crash at our place to get ready for the con.
Got up sat morning and made everyone break fast :D hot cocoa, bacon, eggs and french toast.

I was pussyshit and Ash took over cooking the bacon xD coz I was like 'nyaaaarghgggh -rage- hot oil ;; lawlz'

Yeah clearly we are lame and didnt really do much. ahahaha ;; this video pretty much sums up my convention experience more or less. I 'borrowed' my friends Flip Cam :B fufufufu

I totally want a power-shot / point-and-shoot cam that does video just for silly willy photos and videos since I dont like the range of the flip so much. And i'd be nice to have a cam that fits in my back pocket. I think I simply have an obsession for camera oAo

if blogger doesnt work, link link from photobucket or add my FB
:B since I didnt wanna upload to youtube.
youtube has too much drama xD;; nyaha.

At the end of the day we ended going to the Mall and Starbucks to chill and catch up. made another video but it looks like blogspot said it might be too big. So. Link it is

At the end of the night, after korean BBQ we all returned back to the Condo for some good times and drinking. If any of you know Toshi and Shin irl, you should add me on FB and watch the Toshi parody video :B hehehehe we <3 you Toshi!!!!
and thanks to Ash and Michael for the red velvet cheese cake! I've never had cheesecake before but omfg that was amazing! oAo and it was from the cheesecake factory.

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