Sunday, September 19, 2010

late post is late

totally meant this for last weekends post, which I did post up on my LJ lolz. but copy and paste.

lol, I never have cute little entries like [info]lemontree11 XDD;; mine are always so....BLARGH JUST POST ALREADY type of deal hahahah its ok. Its all just for my own personal memories anyways but I always think aesthetics are important hahahaha. Anyways, gosh, I havent updated in a awhile that didnt include a rant with it XD:;;

So I guess lets get started lol.

At a last minute decision I decided to attend the 6% Doki Doki event in LA >:D aka the Sweet Streets 2 Art Gallery. So many magnificent artwork and I got to meet Irene Yuen aka Loooo >:D who did the wonderful photograph of Julie and Ari Honey >333
Unfortunately, I was retarded and arrived late D': me and N got caught up in Little Tokyo and had to run back to her place to finish getting everyone ready hahaha. But lets back track~ before that, I spent a good portion of my morning at Glendale's Galleria and at Borders.

I didnt quite get a full body pic of what I was wearing, coz. well, I just failed at it. I was watching Kami Kaze girls the night before and was inspired to wear a red Tartan dress and do twin tails for once.(the coordination was inspired by Momoko's red dress and twin tail combo during the pachinko portion of the movie) Omfg yes its a first >D;; and many people said 'ogneornhsoeih it doesnt look like you!' yeah o_Ol dont worry, it was quite as awkward and shocking for me too.

whoo, green contacts (I dontknow why I didnt wear brown ones instead)
and lassssheess XD (I can now see why people said it looked like Misa, the green contacts probly did it)

here some pics from the Gallery~ more of the pics are on my myspace and facebook (

Shrinkle! >:D

I believe she was one of the shop girls for the DokiDoki >D
she was sooo cute and super nice *__*
she called me a cute ojousan~ im like LOLZ
first time I've ever heard that but I surey hope its not the last HAHAHAHA

I got to meet the designer as well, he was quite nice. I should have dressed more colorful, but its ok. I felt like everyone and their mom that was there was dressed in Lolita. Hahaha, there were so many AP girls there. I'm sure PMX will simply be flooding of them. But I met a few nice lolitas there :D I kinda wished I had asked for their LJs too /: mebe I'll run into them at pMX?!
I'm kinda happy, haha despite how busy I am, it just simply means life is picking itself up together again and simply doing things. Haha.

Toshi totally wanted that jacket. Haha.

I didnt get to take alot of picture since it was poor lighting. The event was packed, there were so many people there it made being inside quite warm! I also met new people and caught up with some people as well who I've lost track with!

THe best part of the event was. 1. I got to try out a new look HAHA 2. I got to meet a super cutie! >3 I hope to abuse em for future photoshoots too >:Dhahahah (i'm such a creeper, I just approach people and want to just attack them and dress them up lol and yeaaaah)

this entry feels kinda rushed. I'm tired but I feel like I should blog about it nonetheless!

Next weekend, I go back to LA again! To go shoping at the fashion district and the following week, I'm BACK again!! >DDD hahaha for the X Japan concert! >:D I hope to see lil cutie there hahahha. I got totally giddy when I got a reply from them on FB and I was just so ecstatic that they agreed to do some modeling for me. OH JOOOOY >:DDDD

I totally forgot to mention, I suck major balls coz I totally missed my morning train from the Glendale station by 1 minute! the train was EARLY and LEFT EARLY i'm like WTFFFF I normally leave form Union Station but I decided why not the Glendale one since my friends apartment is so much closer there?! omgosh xD I had to catch the following one which was 2 hrs later, but its ok. HAHAHA. But man, I was super tired and the train ride was just barely bearable! the train is normally NOT PACKED but when I went, omfg, preteens, kids and teenagers. =3=lll
there was this preteen kid who was at the other side of me, who kept catching glances at me and this 2 other punk girls who looked like they were in HS, they were totally loud and obnoxious. Gosh D': I had my shades on the entire time ubt yeah I couldnt help but keep catching the girl sneak glances at me or just stare at my direction, I'm I tried to go to sleep and ignore them but wow it was just an annoying ride! =3=ll

then when I got back to SD, I had to drag my damn duffel bag a good distance down the parking lot since I had parked my car WAAAAY down over at overnight parking. Jesssuuss I should have learned my lesson when I went to Salt Lake. PACK ROLLER BAGS. But the only roller bag I have is a huge one. So I'm going to make it a point that when I go to the fashion district next weekend to pick up a medium sized one for when I travel to cons andetc that doesnt quite require a LARGE roller bag >:D and I can finally trash my duffel bag, the very same onee I got and broke during Cosmo school - which I just stitched up together hahahaha xD;;

I'm quite excited for the X Japan concert but dont know what to wear! Hoping I ind something at the fashion district or find fabric to make an outfit nd I gotta start making outfits for future fashion shows, PMX and ALA >_O I'm still debating if I'll have time to make Taiga from Tora Dora as well! /:

but yeah as soon as I got back to SD, my friend blows up my phone and wanted to go to Downtown, I was already pretty exhauted at that point but forced myself to go anyway since I dont really have anywhere to go /: (cant go back to grandmas till its nightfall) so I went to downotwn with her and walked around for a bit. didnt really see anything I liked /: but heres pictures anyways! :D

this is the outside building of Urban Outfitters.

Oh hillcrest, ever the artsy fartsy part of Downtown San Diego.

I realized no matter how much I am jealous of Los Angeles where everything is happening there, I still probably would like to come back to Sd at the end of the weekend. Lol. iunno. Hahaha. I dont mind the city but sometimes its nice to get out every once in a while.

but yeah, we went inside urban outfitters, I can never really find anything I'd like to particularly WEAR from that shop but I do like staring at their novelty items :D
like as....HEADPHONES. coz I'm a sucker for them!

candy earphones. TOTALLY WANT D': I really wanted the bubble gum hahaha but in Little TOkyo they had the rillakuma ones, but I still had headphones, so I decided to forego getting another pair despite the buy 1 get 1 free promo and these were $10. But just my luck, this afternoon at work. I BREAK my headphones =3=;; (they were cheap anyway, I keeep the skulll candy DJ ones at home) So I went to Ross to try and find these or something similar coz I've seen them carry these at Ross before for $6. To no avail, they didnt have the candy ones or the skull candy ones. BUT! I did find THESE:

ROSE SHAPED EARPHONES. FUCKYEAH XDDD HAHAHAHHA. Dork. LOl. Given a choice, I'd be using Audiotechs, but its oks~ these are snazzy lol.

I kinda really want an itouch. no. Need. I've been needing to update my music player for years now. I'm still using Yepp by Samsung /:

speaking of music. I'M IN LOVE WITH 2NE1'S NEW ALBUM :DDD fuuucckkk yeaaah CL you are my girlidoncrushlady xDDDD she is so fierce :3

but yeah oh gosh, there were more stuff we did at downtown but I'm just so tired at this point now, I dont think I can even stay up to watch the new episode to High School of the Dead. I might go ahead and just edit this post tomorrow to add more to it.

So much going on @.@ and I am behind on my studies. HAHAHHA. pooo~ but the business is going along just fine. Theres so much more projects toooooo

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