Friday, June 18, 2010

2 post in one day?! whuut?! or was it 3?! clearly this is me avoiding sewing my life away so soon xD;;

after work, I ran to Baskin Robins to get me some Snickers Ice Cream :3
my guilty pleasure. The sad thing was. The guy that was serving me must have looked at me like I'm some kind of loser D:
1. I'm buying ice cream by myself.
2. I'm too cheap to buy 2 scoops xD
3. I didnt have CASH on me, and the minimum for debit transactions was $5! but he let me get away with it.
it was kinda embarrasssing coz I keep thinking that these kids/guys must go to the same school as my sister...err...her old school atleast HAHA. But I'm pretty sure their not on sabre team! I dont want them talking to my sister going 'hey! i saw your older sister buying ice cream by herself on a friday night!'
xDDD oooohhh maaaan ROFLMAO

oh thats quite pathetic. yes. its not new that I simply spend Friday nights alone LOL.

so I decided to walk around the parking lot eating my ice cream and I went to CVS and just browse around.
Was testing out new foundations too and etc. Then I ended up at Target. Bumming around, Not really wanting to come home. because, theres nothing or no one to come home to D:
I always come home to a dark house. or a house thats not even mine. Filled with people I dont know. and I proceed to lock myself in my room for the duration of the night.

Times like these I wish I was somewhere else. DOing something else.
At school. Working on a project. In a dorm in a university, studying my ass off or working on a project till the the break of dawn. Or at some concert. A late night photoshoot. Or in New York or Downtown LA in my own pad overlooking the city. It would probably still be lonely, but I'd sit in my balcony overlooking the dingy city.

but yeah while at target~ I picked up a new lip balm LOL. its COTTON CANDY! I'm a sucker for cotton candy. Cant lie about that :D ahahaha and I remember my mom / dad use to get us the SMACKERS brand and I was like O_O hoshit I didnt know they came jumbo like that LOL and obviously curiosity got the best of me and wanted to dive back a few years back~
its yummy LOL!

and I also got a 'compression' shirt. Basically its just a super tight work out shirt LOL that I can use for binding down for AX.

but yeah back to what I was talking about earlier. I sometimes wonder what people think?
I've sat at yogurt world by myself before too with headphones on though.
but sometimes when I do that. I sometimes wonder to my self.
What do people think? What they think - does it even matter? I'm simply curious.

anyways. I had intended on writing something longer and somewhat more philosophical about it but clearly that has escaped my mind LOL! my head tends to wonder off when I'm driving home.


I think my bag has alot of crap. I carry too much crap in my backpack.
I have random items in there...

lol....vitagummies~ my mom sent me some vegetable and fruit vitamin gummies LOL coz I dont eat enough of them. So for convenience purposes I stuff it in my backpack O_O
and my makeup bag~ which life LOL! In it...lets seee..
2-3 sticks of eyeliner LOL
lip balm
and cotton candy flavored lip balm
lip stick and gloss - which I rarely wear
tooth paste and tooth brush. LOL yes! I carry tooth paste and tooth brush with me! this is why my makeup bag is so stuff! D:

I really should minimize my stuff more.

Drinks~ planner~ notebook~
mp3 player + charger (you never know when that shits going to die on you!)
DS + charger (again! same reasoning!)

I think with a big back pack, you just tend to fill it up because you can! bad habbit is bad D:
and for some reason I also have an issue of Game Informer in there xD;;

and 2 unopened sticks of Haichu candy and 1 granola bar which I'm sure got sucked into the deep darkness of the abyss that is my back pack. Yes. Quite unfashionable :D

I really should be sewing instead of wanking around the computer~

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