Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Went to Macy's over the weekend and ended up with all these stuff....for free. LOl. yes. Free.
I went with the intent to bum around since mom wanted to go there and get stuff. Ended up getting a new pressed powder from Clinique. I think I have officially made my switch from Mac to Clinique powder.
I've started using Clinique 3-step skin care about 3 weeks ago and I gotta say, its worth every penny. Already made a difference. Now if only I can afford to drop a kidney for their dark spot treatment. Ohoho. As if.

but apparently they had a deal going on, if you spent $23.50 you get a free gift set. Which Includes the following:

2 bags, a eyeshadow and blush palette, eye makeup remover, tinted lip balm, moisturizer (your choice of gel or lotion form) and mascara. It comes in the Pink Palette which gives you the black x periwinkle purple eyeshadow and pink lip balm. Or their nudes, with browns for eye shadows and a clear lip balm.

The pressed powder - I got for oily to combo skin is a full coverage pressed powder and does not feel cakey or heavy at alll like the Mac pressed powders :o uwaa even on shoots tbh I worry that skin can look cakey in front of the camera.

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