Thursday, October 18, 2012

228. Packing for Cons & Shoots (and after)

I'm pretty bad at updating this, lol, I just finished a Vocaloid Kaito commission for a friend who will be wearing it to this years Onicon OwO say hi to a sexy Kaito if you see one at Oni-con, lol coz most likely I made that costume lalalawl.

And blargh, PMX and Code Geass shoot around the corner on top of other shenanigans that we are trying to make it happen. But! Now that summer cons are finally out of the way, doesnt mean convention season is ever over. With the fall semeter well on its way, so are Fall and Winter Conventions as well as opportunities for more cosplayers to get out and do more outdoor photoshoots! But yet, here we are again with another "what to pack" or "how to pack for a con / shoot" post. I know I've probably done several one of these but theres always several tips and what not you can pass on to people, right?

In this post I will mostly be covering how /I/ personally pack for a convention, either as a photographer or as a cosplayer. May I be going to the con for a day trip or staying the whole weekend. Its better to be prepared than not be prepared!

This list has been floating around the internet for quite sometime now. Click on the image to get the blown up image!

And in case that isnt working, here is the direct link

you dont necessarily need ALL that on the list to be on your suitcase, its just an easy way to get yourself organize without having to run through your head on what you exactly need and whatnot.
  • Ask your travel buddies who is bringing what, one hotel room does NOT need 5 bottles of Got2Be hairsprays lol
  • ROLL your clothes and towels (ladies and gents with colored hair. Pls bring your own towel coz you will stain the white pristine towels the hotels provide)
  • Get vacuum bags or air tight bags. Some you can just roll to get the air out.
  • Map out the nearest convenient stores where your staying incase of an emergency.
  • If you have a car, and planning on parking overnight at the hotel, pack an extra blanket, lay it out on the backseat or lay it open over the suitcases so it helps save room. This way, incase you need an extra blanket in the hotel for unexpected guests or blanket hogging mates, you got an extra one!

I dont think that list really lists down on what to bring in terms of make up and etc, you can refer to my other 2 posts on these:
Makeup & Skincare for Cons/Photoshoots And Makeup 101 glossary
Day Trips: Con and shoot day trips are usually the worse for me lol. I need a huge bag with me or a pack mule. Or a nice backpack. Like this bad boy down below:

What I usually carry ON me during cons:
  • Camera, extra lens and memory cards
  • Instax Mini Polaroid Camera with film (if I have any with me)
  • A makeup pouch for touch ups (both for myself and people I shoot with)
  • Cellphone Charger (you just never know)
  • Water and Snacks
Now this may not seem like a lot to you, but trust me, it gets pretty heavy after a while. What I pack with me during on-location photoshoots isn't much different. Depending on the size of the group we are shooting or how big the shoot is, I bring my laptop so I can backup my files that same day. And at this point, I would probably end up bringing a small roller bag with me to carry additional props and equipment.

Cosplayers! Yes, there was a time when, I, myself also cosplayed lol. And the most annoying thing for me after a shoot is when I am just DONE! Done with the shoot, done with having pounds and pounds of stuff on my face. And I clearly know more now than I did back then. So learn from my mistakes lol and this just might make your day a little more comfortable at the end of the day.

When cosplaying at a convention or photoshoots without the luxury of having a hotel room to run back to, to change out. I like to bring a BIG bag, a big tote bag to carry most of the essentials; makeup for touch up, oil blotting tissues and a mini sewing kit and clearly a change of clothes.

If you have a car, you can leave the change of clothes in the car but always bring a pair of easy comfortable shoes with you on the shoot in your bag.

Bring a pack of makeup remover wipes with you to clean your face off of the heavy makeup your wearing during the day, and a small makeup pouch to just slap some powder and liner on so you still feel and look presentable (unless your ok with walking around bare face, well then, more power to you!)
BRING AN EXTRA WIG, a quick easy fashionable wig to replace the one you were wearing during the shoot if you cannot deal with wig hair.

If you insist on taking off your wig cap and leaving your hair to be free, DRY SHAMPOO is your best friend! :D Spray that bad boy on and brush it off/dust it off, it will give some volume and life back to your limp hair so it doesn't look THAT flat. Or tie it back.

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