Friday, March 8, 2013

Good bye peace and quiet. Tonight my brother and his new....fiance is going to come back from Hawaii and I get the daunting task of picking them up. (Their loud, obnxious and can be overbearing. I blame this on the fact that I work in customer service day in and out and would prefer to come home to some peace and quiet. I'm so done and ready to move to a place where I have my own room again....complicated lifestyle...)
Can you sense my excitement? I thought of posting this on my tumblr where things are less informal but this blog is looking too much less personal lately. So throw this in for the loop.

I keep finding new little projects to throw myself to and keep myself busy. I think I'm pretty much done baking for the most part - my mom forbades me to make anymore bread since I guess we ended up with a plethora of them...hey can't deny how good those matcha sakura bread is especially when you turn it into a brick toast.

How do I turn off the stupid widget of linked-in. Its kinda starting to annoy me lol....

I also spent a good portion of the last 2 wks at a bar called Fuze and boy, those sojus arent cheap after a while. And you'd think by now I'd get sick of the taste. I need to back off of that for a while. =A=lll
I don't live a very exciting lifestyle lol.
But hopefully tomorrow I get to go out to the Museum. The chocolate museums last day is on Sunday. Should I just skip that and go straight to the Museum of Man for the Torture Exhibit? Better than staying home with people yelling at League all day errday. I also need to wonder off to Wal-mart to gather some supplies for a new project I need to delve myself into.

Sad, its almost spring and I have absolutely no plans for a Sakura shoot. Wow. That sucks. I haven't had a shoot in a while and yet I'm debating on going to Wonder Con because I *really* want a 3Ds and would be able to trade in my brothers PSP coz he took mine anyway =A=
Really I just want it for Legend of Zelda, Cooking Mama and of course...HARVEST MOON where your cows get hair D8< (whut?)


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