Monday, July 22, 2013


Barely survived AX. Still got quite a bit of photos to work on before I can do an actual photo set dump ): but again alot of the photos you can probably already see on FaceBook. I may be able to do a photo dump sooner for 1-2 of the photoshoots I did...hopefully...LOL till then...HURHURHUR FILLER POSTS JUST COZ I CAN ఠ___ఠ
This is pretty much a conclusive overall haul for the last couple days/weeks/months coz Idk where have I been other than trying not to freak out about AX / At AX / Trying to SURVIVE AX....I didn't get a chance to poke my head inside the dealers hall this year...which is probably a first for me ): though lately even when I go to cons I pretty much just go just to check out merch and never really bring anything back unlss the Bandai booth is there but even still I still have 1.5 model kits that haven't been done yet. (I say one and a half coz one of them has been partly built and the other is just sitting there waiting to be touched. Maybe once I make it through all the AX photos I can work on that...but then..theres also remaking some cosplays...gdi LOL and schoooool noooo) .__. oops. I'm running out of room. maybe I should just transfer all my BBs and slap them on my dashboard with my storm trooper...but...then again it wouldn't work lol...

So I guess I'll just start from here  ఠ__ఠ not sure if its due to late nights spazzing about AX or just dragging my butt out of bed to go to work has caused my skin to break out =_= Ironic that I didn't break out the entire time I was at AX and thats with pounds and pounds of makeup, little to no sleep. But I get back to SD and its like break out central щ(ಠ益ಠщ) (mind you, I mostly just wear bb cream and powder when I go to work. Sometimes I would wear foundation coz need extra coverage sobs and not sure if thats what caused the break out but I also went on an intensive disinfect/clean all brushes spree this past weekend too)
And summer means oil sleek central and I am not about to keep dabbing my face with oil blotters and powder it to no end qAqll hateoilycomboskinusogei. Tried out Clinique's Stay Matte. So far so good. Cheaper than MakeUp Forever but hurhur maybe someday I'll try that. IDK I've always sworn by Clinique's formula. Never broke me out.

Shine reduction? So far so good, wear time? I'd say averagely a good 4-5 hours before I see any form of significant shine coming through. Better than 1-2 hr of wear and already shine ):< I can probably even say it works till the 6th hour lol which isn't bad at all. And of course, korean ladies just love showering you with samples. I hoard sample packets like these so when I travel. Never have to bring a damn refillable bottle ever again. If I can help it.
A job well done, I got rewarded a Marshalls giftcard at work~ whoo whoo for putting up with egnrhnoreh many new trainees and having to train them orz hey its no raise but I'll take it

And from there, I picked up some old lady perfume lol Elizabeth Arden Green Tea (lol how to smell like an old Asian lady lawls) and finallyyy a curling wand. I held off on getting one before coz dumbass me burnt myself twice using my old curling iron from school like a wand. Yeah. Never again ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮

Just coz. IDK. 
A sneak peek into the abyss that is in my giant man purse.
I say man purse coz. its a messenger bag from the dude section.
it does its job, its sturdy and is almost a bottom less pit.

Forever21 makeup pouch - whoo mee I downgraded lol and emptied out the crap I carry with me usually
to just the bare essentials...and I thought I had the bare essentials before
but lol, IDK.
Pills/Vitamins. Food. Coz, you need food. Candy coz you need sugar lol
External Hard Drive....tbh IDK why I was carrying this lmao when I have a thumb drive...

While everyone was out enjoying Comic Con, I was working that Saturday and this is me taking my hipster photos of the 'local' coffee shop. Seriously, its just outside my condo LOL...
6am no one is there so hurhurhur shameless IG photos all the way....

Not real Starbucks tea'd think it'd be their peach green tea lemonade
nope. Its my ghetto version of Minute Maid Peach Tea + Pineapple Juice.
Coz. Why not. It taste good and you should make it too. Its THAT refreshing.

And the last of my shameless vanity haul looo....I actually had to go back to Sephora like 2-3x to return a few stuff before I finally said FUCK IT ALL. I'm just gonna get the right thing and the right thing this time =__=ll and finally got the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil powder. HEAVEN. HG contour powder I cannot say enough praises for it щ(ಥДಥщ)

IDK if your like me but my biggest pet peeve with bronzers and contour powders if - they turn your skin orange. Especially if you have the same skin tone as me. And, I prefer a matte powder in a cool tone brown. 2-3 tries at Sephora and several product later =__= I figured, enough. Just. Get this. No regrets.

Its the perfect matte powder, in a  COOL TONE brown shade, does not give me a streaky orange tinge midway through the day, its completely matte and SMELLS LIKE VANILLA MARSHMALLOWS OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT

I'm tempted to return the highlighter I got for their candlelight one too honestly ಥ⌣ಥ but jebusss its an arm and a leg...but forever kawaii lol

And the other stuff were from ULTA. Which =_= I need to go and return an item coz, that concealer is not my shade LOL.... (╯°Д°)╯┻━┻ So fail. So freakin' fail.


  1. Great post!!
    I want to see the pictures haha!

    1. LOL I have some teasers and behind the scenes already posted on my previous entry, my dA and FB already has some of em up lol but I'll hopefully be doing a huge photo dump soon qAqlll