Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hakuouki AX Photodump | Anime Expo 2013

Took me long enough to finally get to this photo dump. I didn't really get a chance to do any behind the scene photos from this shoot since there were several factors invovled LOL. Mostly because we were definitely in a rush to get this done, this had def. been one of those insane late night shoots and its definitely one to kick start the convention weekend.

But before I proceed any further with the backstory on this shoot, the cosplayers featured here are from the Bananahammock cosplay group 
Chi as Chizuru and Lynne as Kazama.

We (Angels Instead & Moi) were shooting Panty & Stocking Day 1 at our hotel when we spotted them from the corner and pretty much chased them down. (Kinda rude imho LOL but in life, opportunities only knocks once! lol. When shooting other cosplayers, you shouldn't chase after other cosplayers....LOL) but thankfully it all worked out in the end~ yay.

Originally I had something bigger planned for this shoot but with timing and circumstances beyond our control we were pretty much forced to just work with what we got and thankfully the shots still turned out pretty well. Had a blast working with these two. I got another set coming up that I'll be posting from them too...when I get around to it. You can follow me on Facebook for the other sets too~

We shot this in Little Tokyo around 11ish. Pretty late if I do say so myself x__X originally we wanted to try and play with dry ice to create a more alluring effect and shoot it in the gardens but considering how late it got, we just rushed it. The benefit of shooting that late at night on 4th of July is that there was little to no one there, it was practically deserted already and the shops were all closed. The guards pretty much left us alone for the most part  but of course we got kicked out around midnight since apparently you need a permit to shoot after midnight and lol I'm sure the sparklers also set them off..haha...

I had no intention on posting this one lol but it was just too lol...I'm pretty sure I have another one
that is salvageable.



  1. Awesome pictures!! I love Hakuouki haha! Great cosplays :)!

    1. I also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Click the link below to check it out! :D