Saturday, March 21, 2015

And I am back! | そして、私は戻ってきた

ok, kinda not really but its been a month since I last posted and I guess its time to do a monthly recap or whatnot. Few things I wanted to blog about but haven't had time to really sit down and do much...

to be honest, when I get initated with stuff I just want to shut down and not do anything lol --- don't we all? JK....

I'm barely floating by with school work and with each passing day we're closer and closer to mid terms (or we're probably there already but I chose to ignore it LOL) and we're also closer to Fanime -- which also ultimately means end of I seriously just jumping ahead of myself :X but anyways lol click 'read more' below this for the after cut/rest of the post....


Oh where do we even start OvO...

the last few weeks since moving has just been a flurry of 'what do I need to get, what do I need to do' to try and get things organized and put together in a way that would function for me and I'm glad I'm finally able to put most of my things in order (most, not all. Theres still some boxes that I just blatantly refuse to open lol or deal with and will probably continue to rot in storage hell but we all know I need to eventually handle those...key word being eventually but now that I am in the process of writing this blog it has occurred to me that it would be to my best interest to get some sort of shoe rack ahaha... or I can continue to just shove my shoes in a bin and keep them under my bed/desk. But them boots tho...)

Since my last update I finally went back and got a 2nd shelf and finally redid the the paint on this white desk that I've been lugging around forever and it matches the interior of my room. Yeyeah DIY projects for the win lol. But I have to admit, I wished I had spray paint when I did it ahaha it would have made it go so much faster but I roped my little brother into helping me do it...I used left over paint from my room.


 One of the things I was adamant about is trying to find a way to organize/display my jewelry so I'd be more motivated to wear them again (and not have that thing that hangs on my wall coz I don't want to chip the paint lol) I spent weeks going back and forth at Ross, eBay and Pintrest looking at how people were organizing their stuff. I knew I wanted something that sits on my shelf and displays them esthetically. Lucky for me during our LA adventure I found a shop that was selling these tree branches in assorted sizes (some as big to fill a center piece in a room and decorated with crystals and lights. Like wow! Must be great for weddings and parties. I have their business card too!) And it clearly worked out pretty well and it was a tiny fraction of what you'd probably pay for if you got a legit jewelry organizer.


Some of my haul from the FD included really expensive twill from Italy or France (not on photo) ugh and it was  going for about $14/yard but I got the guy to bring it down to $ it was still so expensive uwu;; this is for a commission too which I did get the downpayment for but damn it still hurts yo lol...I also gathered the Velvet I needed for Saber (omg yes me cosplay!!?! whut is this. Seriously trust me I'm super nervous

The first stop that day was a close-out store for accessories and jewelry. I stocked up on gems gems gems uwu yes...and everything was about $1. So yes, I stocked up on random crap I may or may not need but definitely Rhinestones for days coz you just never know when you need them :D

This is the madness that is FD LOL I need to still go and organize all my loot, I left them in the suitcase that I brought with me to shop in LA.

Pro-tip when shopping in Fashion District:

  • Collect the business cards from the vendors you went to, I actually did this recently and made sure I didn't loose them. I have a habbit of collecting them with the intent on returning but I always loose them when I get back )': but I got smart this time and will be making an indept post of where to shop
  • Bring cash cash cash!!!
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring a roller bag - you don't want to be carrying bags of fabric. Trust me ):
  • Stay hydrated
And unfortunately yes a lot of the times the places your going to run into will be a big giant mess of a warehouse like this, but not all of them are! But the messier the place the better the deal! Don't be afraid to haggle either!

I picked up red velvet, pleather and satin for the Fate group cosplay. I didn't get any trims since I'll be saving that haul for taobao where I can get them for less!

I opted for velvet and chiffon for the base of her outfit since I wanted to steer away from the typical Satin or twill fabric most nero Saber's used. I wanted to give Saber a regale look to her so hopefully I'll make the costume justice (not so sure about the portrayal part in all honesty ahaha...but I can atleast say I'm stoked that my sword will come out legit as my friend CJ is making my sword for me :D in exchange I'll make Rider for him >w<! RIDERRRRR imho best character lol)
As you can tell we're not doing the traditional Fate-Stay or Fate-zero only group, but their all from the Fate universe nonethelesssss. Personally prefer SaberNero's sassy persona lol...

Shoe progress~ I made the calve portion already but ran out of eyelets ): so I need to get more of that so I can wrap up the calf portion and attach everything and call her armor for the most part done...ahaha...

This is also my pathetic effort in trying to live a more active life style lol...we have a tennis court and a private gym in our complex and the mountains for hiking right outside
I can say this has been a perk at moving I guess and its made the transition a positive one despite the commute to work now...Hiking around the mountain trails brings back alot of childhood adventures too when I was a fearless little shit who thought recreating the X-games with my older brother was a good idea. W/e kids nowadays are too sheltered lol

I'm proud to at least say the last few Saturdays I was able to crawl out of bed before noon and run up that mountain top. Keeping it up hopefully. And when we took a turn to go on the other side we ran into this little tunnel and emerged on the other side to find this gem of a place! LIKE WOW WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT LANDSCAPE.

IMAGES OF LEAGUE PHOTOSHOOTS SPINNING WHOOO WHOO WHOO. I miss shooting uwu but this was  really nice view

After putting her off for months I finally went and finished her up uwu now I need to dust out my Sinanju and built it too. I forget the joys and satisfaction of Gunpla...

You may or may not have been keeping up with my IG but lol yes, I've been dropping hints on bringing this back and omg. I finally did and I just cannot with myself lol. This is so ridiculous. Ironic that Naruto (the series not the character) was what got me into cosplaying years first cosplay ( FAILLLL) was Hinata but I fell inlove with the emo boy Sasuke and wanted to bind my chest and pretend I was an emo little shit and have an excuse to keep my hair blackxblue and short :x and spikey coz Sasugay was totes vigei... gawd...ahahaha and now fast forward almost a decade later...I cannot even...

and the sad part about this cosplay is...I made the jacket too big ontop but not wide enough to accomodate for hips :D;;; gawd. oh yeah, I forgot I had those aha...thats how long its been since I've sewn myself a cosplay that I just... nope...

But yeah /might/ possibly be bringing this to Fanime ahaha...I'm so embarassed to be in this cos ahaha but I think it'll be fun just to dick around with friends uwu;; I need to finish my shoes and my pants...assemble my scroll too...

Will most likely be wearing the jacket open...coz I fail at life....


 another thing I finally ballsed up and tried to do....ahahaha Sheryl Nome. I've always loved her more than Ranka and her sassyness uwu but never had the balls to cosplay (or especially to cosplay as her) but I guess with enough coaxing from friends you learn to throw caution to the wind and just do it!
Heres my shitty cos-test of her with the wrong wig and lenses :x I proceeded to order a better wig for her and waiting for my lenses and earrings to come in.
I feel like a minty marshmallow in this bubble top :x
the only color in my wardrobe is cosplay ahaha...
 ending this entry with some epic food pr0n coz I finally was able to try that Matcha soft serve OvO and it was soo good



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