Friday, February 20, 2015

2015年2月19日 | Happy Chinese New Year

New beginnings and new changes. If you've kept up with me on social media (twitter and etc) you probably know I just moved (again) and hopefully this time permanently. Atleast give me a while in this place ahaha before I pack up again and leave! LOL


I love and hate moving, to me moving always means packing up and leaving and starting all over. Now some people enjoy that, some people like that. Who doesn't like new beginnings and etc? For me, this move was something more permanent. Something out side of my comfort zone. We moved out of the community I've lived in ever since coming to the its a big step for me. I've moved out and lived on my own completely before but had remained in more or less the same community. At some point when I was in search of new living arrangements I had dabbled with the idea of moving outside of the community to branch out eslewhere - at that time it didnt matter since I was going to have tocommute to work regardless but long story short, I ended up in the same neighborhood for the most part, even throughout all the times i've hopped around I've stayed put. I live and work in the same community for years and to finally leave that, its alittle lonely since the new place is further away. Its about a 15-20 min drive down to work now compared to my 5-10 min drive ): and its in a deeper community where, though you COULD walk to places, it just doesn't feel the same as the place I've lived in for so long.

But what is done is done, we've moved and its a house! Not an apartment, not a condo. But a house. Complete with a mini backyard, shed, sunroom and etc! So I'm trying to look at the brighter side of things. Moving into a home also means finally having my own space (again) and being given the opportunity to dick around the room and decore it as I pleased. I said the same thing about the last place I was at but it took me several months before I even unpacked one box, I dont know. Something about just renting an apartment meant at any given time we'd be moving again and I just couldn't deal with that commitment. But now, its w/e. Took the plunge.

I..will...never ever be ambitious ever again and do stripe on walls. This project took us about 2.5 days probably even 3. I was also ambitiously stupid and decided I needed to start painting my room the same day we moved...we were all so exhausted but we got a lot done. The most frustrating part is having to run out of blue tape and having to run out in the middle of the night to go get more lol. Lucky walmart is so much closer to me now....

I went to Sherwin Williams and picked out two colors: Roasted Tomato & Black Bean. 2 of the walls we painted with the stripe theme while the other two walls just a solid dark red. It took /forever/ just taping it up and painting. 

The walls had panel indents already so it was easy to follow those and taping them up as guidelines versus us trying to tape a straight line up and wouldn't have gone very far consider half of us were already drinking. But it was definitely a larger undertaking than I had previously imagined. I remembered painting my other room purple and that took us far less time to do and the room was smaller too :x ugh those damn stripes!!! but we did it, we were exhausted and tired and this room is still far from done.

this room is going to be a long standing work in progress until I can get things in order. I still ha have a few crates and boxes I need to sort through and decide which one I'm keeping and what I'm trashing.  The beauty of the place I live in now is that I'm just a few mins drive away (less than 10 mins) from strips and strips and strips of thrift stores so I can always pa-rouse them for nick nacks.


I need a few more organizers here and there. but this is one of the shelves I got over the weekend and built as soon as the room got painted. I was determined to put my room as put together as possible then I gotta go and work on my closet and then the sunroom / sewing room. And the biggest project of them all would be that damn shed outside....

Pretty sure I missed all the CNY celebrations and festivals. Been so tired since moving and I'm also pretty behind on homework and school work. I'm just itching to get things put together so I can work on cosplay again too but  I really can't forget about HW though uwu online classes are the best and worst.

Hair is so faded now. That was from before the move. Now hair is a different color.I kinda wish my hair kept that purplish color coz now I'm missing it.

I'm so over moving, I just want to be able to be done with it all and be able to set up my sewing machine and get working ahaha. But even if I'm super motivated I still gotta get my materials.
I spent hours online just trying to find the perfect fabric for my new projects. Coming out of the cosplay wood works omg ahaha

its been so long since I've taken any cosplay seriously...and have been this excited. Really stoked for Fanime now :D 

Changed my hair!

Honestly not sure how I feel about the blonde. All week I've gone back and forth with it. Its alot of maintenance and alot just to get to the ideal shade you want. I tried to put ashe tone on it and it turned it too dark but its finally faded out again to this color. Ugh...

It looks warmer and more golden and we don't want that. No sir. I haven't had my hair this light in years. Probably traumatized from when I went insane and thought going silver was  the way to go and ended up with short short hair and super dry hair lol.....oh lord....

So lets rock this basic b ombre for a while uwu
new foundation from clinique, you best believe I got hella excited when I saw them announce this. Concealer x Foundation. It has such a good wear time and coverage is great and it doesnt feel heavy at all. It gives my MakeupForever a run for its money. It also comes with a kawaii af doe foot applicator QWQ!!!!

Pho meal with dad for CNY (early) and one of the newer discoveries I ran into. After moving north theres a Coffee Bean within a driving distance from me OwO there use to be a Coffee Bean at my old neighborhood but it closed down uwu I use to not like Coffee Bean as much but now I can say Coffee Bean > Starbucks. So Yuusss this makes me happy. And its in the same area as Big Lots looo so I can get my shelf and my coffee ahahaha yes yes yes

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