Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Taobao Agent Review | Taobao Mode

Coming at you guys with a new review for a new Taobao Agent! This was my first time using Taobao Mode. I was  contacted by them several months ago about an affiliate program (see banner on the side :D!) I've used several other taobao agents in the past so this was my first time using Taobao Mode. I've used Taobao Ring more often in the past but figured why not give this new agent a try.

Their website is very similar to how taoboaring and taobaospree is set up - more like taobaospree to be honest. All orders are done via 'quick order' order inputs and not through the email system like taobaospree offers.

Their fees are 8% and I appreciate that they give you an estimate on how much your looking at in terms of how much your order is so far. I don't recall if taobaoring does that- I haven't done a taobao haul in a while.

This was also my first time ordering MATERIALs for cosplay and not an actual costume or wig or anything else. Their system is very basic. Input the item you want, color and quantity.

I placed my order Sunday night (PST) which is Monday morning their time. I got prompt responses after i confirmed my order status and they were quick to address questions and confirm quantity stock for all the items I've ordered.

A little bit of a communication issue at the beginning (which got me easily frustrated LOL which shouldn't be but I dont know...the last few agents I've used I haven't really had communication error with but I'll simply note that I am not a native Chinese speaker and had to convert all my orders from yards to meters - coz 'murica. Both of which I provided to the agent) but they kept throwing it back to me that I needed to convert my order. BAH but I did! Nonetheless, it was resolved quickly and I was able to get my order quantity confirmed and payed for within the matter of hours. (est was about 3 hours from the time I inputted my order) and I paid for my initial order that same evening.

I would note tho that if you are ordering to be as specific as possible on the color and style - they prefer you even type the order out in Chinese. Thanks to translator and several screen shots later (major highlighting and arrow pointing to exact which ones I wanted ahaha) we managed to survive the ordeal.

I should have kept more or done more screen shots to give you an idea of how the order process goes, but I will probably revise this review/how to later on when I place another order.

As you notice, its very similar to taobaoring in terms of how they set up their orders, I appreciate that they update the Yuan = Dollar conversion in real time as you update your order

Again once all your items have arrived and are ready to ship, they actually give you the option to pick and chose which items you want to ship first (by separating them into different 'parcels') and from there you can pick your different shipping methods. Which is great as  they break down the pricing and estimate pricing for the shipping as well.

IE: If you wan 3 out of the 8 items you want to ship via DHL or EMS and the rest, you can chose to ship via freight. Great right? 

Don't be scared if your items are showing that their 'overweight', I honestly was freaking out myself since I ordered over 10 meters of fabric and another good chunk of trims. And as you know, fabric can get pretty heavy :x

Thankfully enough I was able to get it resolved, I contacted my agent and advised them that the system would not allow me to create a parcel since its stating my package is overweight or maxed limit and I was scared I had to split them up. This is for a time sensitive commission too but they were able to make the adjustment and I picked DHL as my shipping method (3-5 days) which turned out to be almost $30 cheaper vs EMS (5-7 days) wow! 

Tracking the package was another hell on itself which has nothing to do with Taobaomode as I understand once a parcel has left their facility its all on the hands of the shipper at that point.

I had opted for DHL to deliver the parcel right to my apartment complex and wave the signature needed for it to be accepted. I got a tracking email stating the package has been delivered, I rushed home and there was no parcel sitting there. I checked with my apartment office and was told it wasnt there. I spent the next 24hrs freaking out on where my parcel is, DHL was extremely helpful trying to help me track it though and the following day the delivery driver even personally called me to inform me it was dropped off at my apartment office (so who ever I spoke with at the apartment office clearly had no idea) and I was able to locate it there during my lunch break ugh....

Tl;DR would I use Taobao mode again? Yes, most likely.  I haven't had a bad experience with any of the agents I've used so far, though I'm sure some bloggers or users beg to differ. I honestly think it all depends on what item your purchasing and etc. Tbh I was extremely anxious that the seller wasn't going to get my order right (or the agent) coz I was ordering FABRIC in Meters and not Yards (damn you 'murica) but it all turned out alright! I will hopefully post a master list of "how to order fabric, etc on Taobao" in the coming months....lol....

Would I use DHL again? Perhaps LOL! Coz it is cheaper and faster than EMS...just...be careful if you want to waive the signature portion...

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