Monday, February 9, 2015

Vegas but not really

My not-so vegas entry /:
whut. Long story though...

I try not to get super personal on this blog per se but I just needed to ramble (typically all this goes on tumblr) but why not but I'm just going to cut it short instead of writing a long boring and stupid entry that I'll probably go back and delete/edit anyway....

Basically worked a full day shift Thursday and drove up to Vegas that night from San Diego (which is roughly a 5-6 hour drive depending on traffic) got there around 1:45ish and had to turn right back around around 2:30ish am (YES AM!! PAST MIDNIGHT OMFG)

I had not slept and was in a car for a really long time only to have to turn right back around and drive back to SD. Really upsetting considering I haven't been on a 'family vacation' in such a long time, we've all been living apart or doing our own things for so long that this is the first time a majority of us are together but noooope ==;;; this kinda just makes me wish not to go on any of these events anymore and just do my own thing. I know its upsetting to my mom too but sorry I just cannot!!! She and my little brother ended up staying in Vegas for the weekend since we were originally up there anyway for my little brothers archery tournament...

Also super upset since I had to take a Friday off (using vacation time whut when its already hard enough to get days off especially when your working closing not to mention I was out sick the week before with the flu and the week before that I went to SF!!!) I wanted to go and be supportive and also just see Vegas since its been so long since I've been...ugh == idk when I'll be back but pretty sure when I do go back, I'll be flying and will most likely go on my own to meet friends....

We stopped by In-n-Out on the drive up, first time ordering a protein style burger and wow so good, you don't even miss the bun and in the end it doesnt leave you with a very heavy and guilty feeling lol (atleast to me and it didn't fill me up as quickly - you don't feel bloats! I actually ended up ordering another coz I was starving lol)

I was alittle disappointed in the beginning to know mom booked the hotel to be in downtown Vegas and not the strip. The last time I was in Vegas we were in the Riviera (which is an older hotel at the end of the strip) so we woud have to drive to the competition regardless. But it didn't turn out too bad. Infact the hotel was great. $35/night for a 4-star hotel. Whut??? I forgot the name ahahaha but my mood lightened up to know we were located RIGHT ACROSS from the Mob Museum. And Downtown Vegas seems to be a refreshing change from the strip. So I was really looking forward to visiting the museum and the mob bar!!! and other places before heading to the competition.... but yeaaah NONE OF THAT HAPPENED.

There was even a 24/7 cafe that had chicken and waffles. UGH. Best believe I was cranky and upset the entire drive back to California.

Running on anger and not fumes, I had to stop by a gas station 30 miles out of Barstow to load up on caffeine, a large coffee and monster. i haven't had monster (straight) in so long. I remember back  when I was a senior in HS and fresh out of HS into my freshman year we drank this shit like I just drink it with vodka....and know the struggle was real when I had to bust this out...

I crawled back to San Diego around before 7am and had called my sister in Japan to pretty much rant ughhh and managed to fall asleep around 8-9ish. It was hard since the sun was already up and despite me having pretty much draped curtains on, it was just not happening but I finally did fall asleep but kept waking up around noon but I eventually rolled out of bed around 1-2. Still pretty much ticked off and was texting my mom but I cant stay mad forever sitting at home and wasting the day went to run errands and get food...

I finally ran out of the mac concealer and was not exactly feeling it too much, still trying to find a HG one and as I mentioned on my twitter my skin has been pretty dry and patchy since getting back from SF with the flu. I'm hoping it returns to "normal" lol soon enough. I haven't been able to just sit down and mix the usual oatmeal yogurt mask which is great for dry patchy skin uwuwuwu since we're busy packing and moving this weekend (yesss moving valentines weekend coz not like I'm going anywhere anyway ahaha) everything is just packed away or a mess....

but I really need to take care of this patchy shit. I just can't deal with it. I opted for NYX's full coverage concealer. So far so good. I do like that it comes in a pot form and comes in a cream formula. Reminds me of the Mac concealers (I know some of them comes in pots too but the one I had was the studio one that came in a pump) 

Been pretty lazy with makeup lately - mostly since everything is packed away and just...too much effort now ahahaha. The usual now is just eyebrows. liner. concealer and powder. Normally I go full on with the liquid full coverage foundation but meeeh. Sometimes when I want/need the extra hydration (which is now) I put on BB cream since this concealer extenuates the dry patches QWQ 

Friday was just full on yolo mode. I was already in the area where I was originally scouting out a new piercing place and walked in for a quote. Walked out with my cartilage done. I wrote out on my IG:

15 years ago my mom asked me if I would ever get my ears repierced. (I had them pierced when I was probably 1-2 yrs of age and took them out when I was about 6-7 and my lobes closed up) I had an innate fear of needles and pain coz I was a little pussy. Fast forward years later...I'm finally growing balls. Hoping to get more and more. Much impulsive decision. If I had known to budget better I probably would have gotten 2-3 cartilages done in one sitting to get it all done. Alas. Now I know better. Goals though.
ahaha with that being said, as I'm sitting here writing this out on Monday afternoon I've made a resolve to go out after work and get my right ear done ahaha. Its not going to be the cartilage though, I'm going to try and fit in 2 more on my lobes which I'm pretty convinced theres enough room to do so ahaha (actually 1 I just need to get re-opened) so I'm pretty excited for that and just counting down on when I can clock out for work. I was originally going to wait it out till Thursday but yes lets do this!!!

I also went to go see my furry little best friend uwu nothing brightens up your mood better than seeing your best friend. Even though he hates me half the time I'm convinced we have a mutual understanding lolol of affection ahaha. Who doesn't love his perfectly inquisitive eyebrows ahahahaha

Valentines day is around the corner but that also means so is Chinese New Year. No celebrating for me since I'll be moving that weekend and foreveralone. I'll probably just rot on league day-drinking and working on my mid game now that Ahri is buffed up again QWQ oh joy. Please dont nurf her again. plsplspls. lol.

Saturday rolled around and was still pretty much left alone in the house, I didn't feel like working on my commissions (but I did ended up packing more stuff away sunday night) so my friend convinced me to go and pamper myself with a pedicure~ I did just that.

I even ended up getting the deluxe package aahaha I normally don't do this at all ahaha, my friend usually has to drag me with her and convince me its a good idea. Everytime I go I keep telling myself I need to do this more often uwu

the deluxe included 15warm massage, exfoliation and 2 part mask. You best believe my feet (still does) feels baby soft AHAHAHAHAHA

Free coffee is best coffee too~ pedicures are also a great time to sit back and relax and catch up on some reads. I forgot already the name of the book I'm reading ahaha but I'll link it down on the kindle app later or do a review. I've mostly been reading homosmut on the kindle ahaha but I'll be writing about those later too. 

Ending this with one of my wishlist items ahaha Gudetama case for my phone (I have an HTC m7) I'm gonna order this when I move so I know which address to direct it to~ I could always just get it sent to my brothers place but == the extra effort to try and locate it when it gets shipped there lol and I hate bugging them to ask if my package has arrived (coz I track them all like crazy) and then bugging them to set it aside for me or give it to my little brother for pickup. Ugh.

I can wait.

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