Thursday, February 5, 2015

하백의 신부 | Bride of the Water Gods Commission Notes

The SF blog post should technically go up before this one considering I went to SF first before finishing this commission ahaha...but...oh well, out of order posts...

This is my 2nd (or 3rd commission) for Ruiki already and this was more or less one of those commissions we've talked about and had planned and was going to kinda-sorta-do and it just kinda came down to the wire that 'oh, were actually doing this' type of thing so we should probably rush and get our heads together and make it happen LOL!

Bride of the Water Gods is something I'm familiar with, I remember reading it a few years back but falling out of the radar, I admit the art and the style is simply gorgeous - who doesn't love some old fashioned Hanbok x Hanfu style period costumes??? I do I do but I admit their not easy on the wallet especially if you want huge big costumes which requires a good amount of fabric and whatnot.

----more rambling and photos under the cut---

It was kinda hard working on this costume for accuracy since there was little to no reference for the "Emperor" himself so we had to rely on manga spreads and shots of him in the manwha 
but overall we kinda just came up with the design as below:

I took inspiration from hanboks and hanfu and did alot of back and forth feedback with Ruiki before proceeding with the order.

I ended up buying all the materials online to try and save as much as we can and I'm glad I did! You can read about my experience ordering online on my previous post regarding taobaomode :D 
yes all the materials I bought were bought from China~ holler. Definitely saved the wallet!!! 

Drafted the pattern based on a kimono or gi top and a seperate skirt bottom. I ended up having to do french seaming again which I absolutely use to love till you try and do  that with organza and on sleeves. They just come out rather atrocious and I'm so glad to be getting one hopefully in the next month or two uwu (after moving) since I cannot deal with this anymore LOLOLOL I feel so concious when sewing costumes for other people and having to french seam it! Like that is the worst when your trying to french seam a sleeve. LIKE UGH PLZ 

literally swimming in fabric though....

overall sewing time on this costume was done in what I would estimate about 3-4 working days??? It felt longer since I would dick around most of the time then end up pulling all nighters...but overall still pretty happy with how it looked...OvO and I've gotten pretty good feedback on it from FB and etc.

I made the obi / flap thing detachable from each other and in layers. The inside is also made so that the interfacing can be removed and replaced as needed and also secret pockets installed inside of it as well so you can shove your key card and cellphone in there ;D ayeeee

As a bonus on the costume I also made a ghetto scroll for prop and photo purposes with some poorly translated chinese on the inside of the scroll.
native readers can probably get the gist of whats written inside ahahaha (inside joke)

again going back to the obi / sash combo
its made in 3 layers / parts
the pleather wrap that goes in before
the black brocade obi with the flap attachment to it and inside secret pocket
and the gold belt to finish it up.
I made them all in separate pieces so the wearer can have an option to wear them together or without one or the other.

I also made the back to be a corset lacing finish instead of a velcro fastener 
no one will really notice the back due to the wig and organza overlay coat but I personally prefer the aesthetics of it and gives it a more versatile fit.

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