Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh HIIII! only took me long enough to finally get a copy of this game since my brother recently bought a PS3 while I was gone for ALA.
Hah, speaking of ALA~ I'm procrastinating and completely back-logged on that entry :B photos are up on my facebook though.
caliber of cosplayers were once again a hit or miss. Not gonna harp much on it since lately its becoming rare that cosplayers even bother making their own costumes anymore. I remember before when people use to spazz over that shit. but now its slowly becoming the norm to simply purchase your outfit versus making it. Just like how most eastern(asian) cosplayers are.

I personally am pretty much w/e on that subject, had it been me a few years back, I would have looked down upon it as well, but whatever xD

my only qualms about this game to be honest is the fact that you cant play Kenshin Uesugi and you're forced to play it in English Dub. Atleast the english dub is done pretty well and not half assed :D

Went out today with Megan, walked around Fashion Valley mall since one of my shoots got cancelled. We were pretty much dressed to go out anyway so why not. I tried not to spend anything while I was there xD thought I -was- curious to try and find Anna Sui's cosmetics and fragrance line and possibly trying a sniff or two and maybe getting a smaller bottle of it someday :D since I'm a sucker for good packaging and well, I was in the mood to try something new. We went to two different malls and different stores. No luck, did NOT find any Anna Sui stuff at all. I did stumble upon Versace :D oooooohhhhh

loooolz. but in the end, I ended up getting 2 fragrances from Victoria Secret. Which isnt bad. 1 body spray and 1 'perfume'. Not bad.
lawls, not gonna lie, I ended up getting a Cupcake fragranced body spray. I probably wont wear it daily == just coz the smell of cupcakes is cute and all, its kinda sickening if its too much LOOOLz and I got one of their newest fragrance;
I know their fragrances are cheap and they last just ok. I figured this would be my 'everyday wear' fragrance. I try not to use the more expensive ones unless I'm going somewhere special xDll and I do not harp on Victoria Secret Fragrances at all. Sometimes I just wish they last longer. but its ok~

Went to several stores; Forever 21 and H&M. Nothign really stood out to me, which was a good thing. I wanted to get new button ups but those can wait.

I totally saw the Versace one on Nordstrom Rack for $30, versus the $45-65 price from Sephora and other stores :x
someday I'll be able to collect them and display them nicely on my nonexistent vanity table >D lawls

edit: after thinking about it, I doubt I'lll actually be able to use a vanity - a real vanity table, it wouldnt really make sense or work with most of the possible furniture I'm thinking off in my room xD;; or my soon-to-be room :o and I've been browsing Ikea online anyway and I definitely am going to need one with drawers to keep my stuff in and whatnot /: blargh.

And I totally just spent 12+ hrs of none-stop gaming on Basara over the weekend x.Xll
godforbid I get a copy of it for the PSP. and looolz. yes. it DOES exist for the psp :D
oh the great debate if I should get it or not. More like. I /need/ to get it >D

pps: yes, my hair is no longer blonde :B and yes, I am clearly aware it is faded like crazy OTL
It will be redone again. xDDD

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