Friday, January 21, 2011


How was everyone's Christmas and New Years? I've been backlogged once again!
Christmas was more or less pretty uneventful. Stayed in S.D for a bit playing Black Ops before trekking out to LA to visit relatives, but clearly we got there pretty late and had to leave pretty early for my bro's gfs' family's xmas. @.@ll yeah dont ask....

my xmas prezzie haul from friends and family were:...

Rilakkuma'>">Rilakkuma overalls, Tripp'>">Tripp Bondage Pants, A bracelet and for the life of me I cannot remember one more item - all from Toshi. My mom sent me a mini cupcake maker :D (fyeah!!! which I busted out for New Years Eve with Funfetti cupcakes!) a new pair of zumreed'>">zumreed styled headphones in Pink. My sister got me a Rilakkuma hat to go with the overalls and a lil voodoo dude charm.

For New Years, we booked a hotel for 2 nights at the Quality Inn Suites by Denny's to 'get away' for the weekend since the Condo was packed with bro's GF's family /:
Drinks were had, games were played. It went alright for the most part.

But moving on~

Anime Los Angeles (ALA 2011) was this past weekend and this is probably the quikest I've done an entry LOLZ! Yay for procrastination and backlogging!

but first! new year, new'>">new hair/look! after being blonde for over 9-12 months! (wow, new record for me to be honest, but really, I'm sure I spend 3 months out of the 9or 12 being greyish silver. OTL much breakage D': there) I decided to go back and rock this year with RED hair. I'd be lieing if I said I didnt miss the blonde but I try not to and simply enjoy the red and rockin' it. The only downside with red - as most of us dye hards know. Red is a BITCH to up keep (and so is with blue...OTL) I hope I can discipline myself to keep the red for just as long as I had kept the blonde! Hahaha. And yes, going red - blonde would definitely be a challenge if I decide to go back and rock the golden locks again HAHA.

But yes! ALA!

I ended up driving up to LA Friday night afterwork, but first met up with Mikey in Clairemont for In & Out before we headed up to LA @.@ we made it up there in record timing, we probably left around 9ish and got there shortly at 10ish? Haha. Went straight to North Hollywood to meet up with Shou since she has been in dire need of a haircut and color. It ended up being a double process dye job.

First was bleaching then throwing in a golden beige brown color and then finally cutting! After all that, we probably ended up finishing around 3 AM? or 4AM? Passed the time watching retarded Youtube Videos @.@ll and finally passing out on her floor at 5ish and then my phone going off at 6 TAT when Toshi was arriving from Stockton. GAAAAAAAH So yay sleep deprived~ AHAHAH
we made our way to the hotel (I refused to get out of my PJs roflmao~ and ended up checking into the hotel early (YAY they let us check in early) and we every more or less took an hr or two nap before getting up again to get ready for the con!

Ash - being the sleepy beauty as she is, didnt really WAKE UP till close to noon! HAHAHA poor Michael, he was probably spazzing going 'where the hell issssss sheeee' lawls.
They ended up reaching the convention around pass noon, 1 or 2 already haha! Almost 3 I think! HAHA!

Flash forward~ we didnt really do much at the con, just walked around, hanged out at karaoke. Took some photos and mingled with everyone. Everyone was more or less too poor to buy a badge and even if I had a chance to borrow someone's badge. It'd be bad for me to even try and go inside the dealers hall and just get super feel bad coz I cant spend money >D

anyways, enough of me talking~ photo dump >:D

Ash's friend Anne in her own rendition of the White rabbit from Alice in Wonderland :D
looked really cool, she was probably the first person we ran into at the con >D

Shou got a makeover the night before @.@ll double process color and cut!

Ash Finally shows up! >D
she was late coz apparently she and Michael went to get lil cakes for Katie's birthday

After wondering around the con for awhile we ended up hitting The Boat Sushi and Thai Cuisine somewhere near Sepulveda Blvd. Food was good, it was cold at night and after dinner, we went back to the hotel to check the internet for a good karaoke place to hit >:D
hello K-town!!!!! We went to Rozen! It was AWESOME, drinks were pretty shweet >:D

I ordered the Melon Soju and omfffgggg totallly need that shit again :O it was so sweet! I probably could have drank the entire pitcher and then some lawwwwls it was that sweet >:3


Yes omfg toshi was actually SINGING lawls
she didnt really do much, but she did get the group to sing along.
she was probably too busy playing with her new baby cam

ended up stumbling back to the hotel at around 2 or 3, kicked it some more. Crashed in the other room with Toshi and gave up my bed to Shou who ended up spending the night. I think me and Tosh were up a good while just chatting it up. Sad since we dont see each other often enough </3


we were stealing electricity, everyone was charging their iPods.
myself included >D

We kept joking Shou was the main character from My Sassy Girl
lawls, she def was styled like she belonged in a korean drama >D

NIck in Black Rock Star Shooter Kaito

best cosplay of the weekend >:D


We ended the weekend at Carls Jr.  for some lunch and from there, said our good byes to Toshi TAT
</3 *heart borken D:* its ok~ I gotta make my way to Fanime this time for sure to see bb D:< and hopefully shoot more stuff for Black Heaven since I'm also dragging Ash too >:D shweee, shiiet I gotta get my cosplays together lawls~



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