Monday, February 21, 2011


Hi, Super back logged whut. Yeah, I've been updating my LJ more often than I do this one.
Not like I have gone out and done something fun in a long time anyway lawls. So, Sorry~ hahahaha. and I've super back logged as well on the other blog - in regard to reviews and etc. :B
the idea is there, just havent quite gotten off my butt to do anything more productive on it D': and here I sit and bitch about being so bored....lawls. well, not really bored.

My life has revolved around......working. working out. bitching at the couch that I dont want to get up and go to the gym. dieting/destroying my diet lawwwwls. staying up to play COD or MVC3. Rinse & Repeat.
clearly unhappy with the fact that the car is dead and I'm bumming rides off people :D duurrrhuuurrhuur and still working just 1 job. D': need to get a 2nd job soon so I can afford to finance another car and not be so broke after rent is paid ;;
SD, why you so expensive XD;; lawls.... doubt LA is any better :'D

ehehehehe. my friends are all planing costumes for the up coming cons and here I am completely messing up my dates for what con is coming up and whatnot, as many of you have noticed i've taken a step back from competing and making costumes in general, yay hobo living, lawls. Well, hopefully by next month once I've moved into an actual place, I'll have room to work @__@ now its just a matter of finding the $$$ to make costumes again lawls. Cosplay is an expensive hobby. LAWLS. So plans for Anime Conji next month: Bridget from Guilty Gear (the blue ver) hahaha I'll work on it perhaps the weekend before the con after all the bills have been paid. LOL. Oooh my. Borrowing wigs from friends and probably need to find my blue contacts or I'll just wear the black circle lenses I have ;;
lol, also, another update. Changed my hair color again ;;

the red was amazingly fun but not fun when you're trying to match extensions to it and it fades insanely quickly and your hair extensions dont exactly match LAWWWWWWLS! So I went with a chocolate brown but I kept a streak of red in there :'D just to keep things interesting. Lawls. I need to eventually bleach out streaks into it so I can match it with the Ruki Filth in the Beauty dreads too. mhmm.

I keep telling myself, SOMEDAY when my hair is LONGER (duuuurr whenthe hell that will ever be.....;__; duuuurr) I'll go red again coz we all know my dream is to get LONG RED HAIR LIKE PARK BOM >DDDDD from 2ne1 lawwwls
grow hair grow....

anyways, on to the back logged event that I- by some form of miracle made it to the Q store opening and also to the Huntington Library with Ash :D

I jumped on the train to Fullerton that morning of and met up with Ash, it was still pretty early on, in the day so we decided to head to the Huntington library. supppppper breath taking amazing place btw! :O i'd love to go there again!!!
(minus the damn $20 admission fee xDDD)

the library is famous for their art gallery, the gardens! (japanese & chinese tranquility gardens) and the tea room and whatnot~ I didnt get a chance to check out the museum since Ash got lost trying to pick me up lawwwl so we got there alittle late. NOT to mention we also kinda got lost trying to find the place LOOOOL! we're amazing. i think we need to invest in a GPS. I keep telling myself that whenever I go to LA >D

it was a good walk just trying to walk around the place and even still, we didnt even get to go to ALL the places. Def need to go there earlier next time. LAWLS >D and perhaps bring a smaller camera instead of lugging my DSLR next time lawls. I brought it with me initially for the store opening ;;

when we got there, I didnt realize Ash had reserved a spot in the tea room as well @___@; dang.

the tea room~

it was suppose to be surrounded by gardens hahahaaha but clearly, it was winter
so, um. hahahaha. the place was dead...xd;; well, garden wise. AHAHA
I didnt realize how many people had reserve spots in the tea room since we had to wait for almost 20-30 mins to get our seat D':

looool, first time having scones and first time seeing REAL SUGAR CUBBBESS ROFLMAO
omfg, dont judge. I was amused >D

walking to the Japanese garden entrance, you are greeted with THIS as a view! :O
I probably went ape shit when I saw this XD;

then we took the 'back rode' to the Chinese garden which is BIGGER than the Japanese garden
I was totally expecting Da Qiao or something to be sitting on one of the pagodas XD
or even Zhuge Liang writing on a new manual script. LAWLS.
dddooooooooork allertttt...

the cherry blossoms were starting to bloom! damn their blooming early!
I need to catch them at bloom at Lake balboa in van Nuys before they die again ;;
gaaaah!!!!!!! planning a picnic soon plz~
 then we had to start leaving at 4 coz the place was closing ahahaa and had to back track to pick up Ash's friend then back track again to Lil Tokyo for the Q opening :

the place was pack! D:
it was so hard to try and walk in there and move or even BROWSE


Afterwards we tried to head to K-town for Rozen's karaoke but when we got there we forgot one of our friends was under 21and we got there after 10:30, which meant, everyone had to be over 18+?....lawls. Fail.
So we trecked back to Lil Tokyo for Max Karaoke but the waiting time was another 40 mins! So we didnt really start Karoke till almost midnight! lawwwls.

We got out of Karaoke by 2amish then had to rush back to Sd since Cathy starts work at the bakery by 5am! ahahaha.
fun night fun night....

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