Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've been optimizing my email lately~ well, I've been using it more and more lately
versus 'texting' or messaging people via social network sites (such as Facebook, myspace, etc)
I use to write alot of 'letters' using postage stamps and etc to close friends.

No one nowadays seems to do the good ol' pen & paper trick or even the use of emails lately.
Everyone seems to like the good ol' text message, for instant answers and whatnot.
But since I dont use those new 'full keypad' cellphones, I find it hard to keep up with a full lenght conversation via text message LAWLs. yes. I like old flip phones and I /dislike/ touch screens lol. I have a love/hate relationship with my iTouch as is :D ahahaha, just wanted to ramble about it~
And I guess I'm just so sick of using my 'email' for 'official' matters such as work and etc. Ahahahaha, wasnt the use of e-mails to help eliminate the use of postage and papersXD?
well, then, why not use it more often~ sometimes I DO prefer opening my email inbox to see SOMETHING other than 'bills' or 'work' related emails sitting there for me to read hahaha.

but thats beside the point of this post~ I figured I dont post here enough so, why not ahahaha.
so alittle updates~

I got Prestige Class (Level 50) on Call of Duty Black Ops last night :D w00t~ ahahaha.
Doubt anyone would really care ahahaha~ but sure why not >:D

I also caught a cold D': boo, sore throat is sore....;;

I've also tried the jumprope challenge yesterday - it is beastly >:D I recommend it to anyone who want to try and introduce Cardio into their work out and doesnt quite have the discipline to go to the gym daily (coughToshicough) lol.

I also downloaded 2 of Anna Tsuchiya's Albums; Strip Me & Nudy?
amazing so far! >:D so far my favorite is; (other than Rose) is Slap That Naught Body.
ahaahha surprisingly all (if not, most) of the songs are in english and she has superb english!!
a lot of the songs are powerful~ with hip and interesting beats too ;3

I also opened a new tumblr account, my main account (lobstercockroach) is mostly used for 'reblogging' and whatnot, so I opened another one ( which is going to serve as a shameless place for me to dump old photos >D ahahaha~ mostly random photos from life :D
while I keep as a photodump for photoshoots and cons

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  1. I used to really like flip phones but after I played with the iphone I LOVE IT!!! I can send cute emoji via email ; o ; and i use email as a quick way of communicating as well. I use MMS/EMAIL/TXT. I'm not a fan of using messengers because they mean I have to sit down at a computer and not go out etc... computer should be for work >.>