Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I haven't stepped into a book store in so long, so this is going to be a very boring post of me just lamenting the days of when I was more literate and my sad inglorious attempt to get back to it lol...

Lang Leav recently announced it on her tumblr page that she is being carried by a bigger publisher now so that her book of poems is going to be available more on a national/international scale, clearly I jumped on the chance to get on that.  Before it was on a order to print basis - you'd have to place your order, the publisher would print you the book then ship it to you. I'm not a patient person, more like I hate anticipating for it to come. q___q and in the end, with shipping and etc I'm sure I would have ended up paying the same amount, her book is also available on Kindle for half the price but there are certain items I would prefer to have on hand.

And who doesn't enjoy reading about kick ass unsung heroes of the past - especially underrated women spies?

This last part made me lol:

Because yes, I actually would like to read more about vikings and Norse mythology. I would go back for the Jack The Ripper book, true crimes and Titanic book too....when I'm less broke because I should honestly have bought my key card for school instead of these loo oops.

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