Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nana Osaki Costest 1

I'm not very active on my blog since school started and I am behind on photos from AX but to slap some content back in here lol I'm going to spam this with some cos test from last week. I personally do not consider myself much of a cosplayer anymore to be honest /: but there was a time when I did cosplay. Too bad I stopped lol coz. Reasons. But once in a while its fun to slap an assload of makeup on and pretend your someone else.

Throw back from 2006 

Fast forward 7 years later  LOL re-visiting one of my favorite manga/shows of all time. Ai Yazawa's NANA *w* I hope 7 yrs later I was able to do it alittle bit more justice. I'd still love to shoot someone else as NANA lol or BLAST but till then, its fun to throw your plaid and leopard together :D

I dont have the right nail polish color of the accessories since this was just a quick test shot. I'm hoping to redo this again when my friend is ready to do Ren *W* hahaha.


not PS smoke. Don't smoke. Its bad for you LOL

Wig haaaaiiirrrr

See ya later rock star~


  1. Wow!! So pretty!! :D You look awesome :DD!!!

    1. lol thank you! Its much improvement from my last try LAWLS