Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oops. I disappeared again

But no, I'm not back. I'm still forever backlogged on AX photos...which was a bout a while ago. But you shouldn't be surprised because photographers are notorious for being forever backlogged...I've even neglected my fanpage...but I guess this is another filler post till I get around to start doing more photo dumps from shoots...and...whatnot.... so here we go, a months worth of insta-dumps. Coz. I. Can. Or you can follow me on instagram @dearxx to see more enteratining videos and not so entertaining videos of the shit I do with my life when I'm not doing anymore more productive... I'm convinced Shingeki has taken over my life coz I bet I spend a good chunk of my time reblogging Shingeki stuff on tumblr versus doing anything really productive and using other stuff as excuses for my absence or unproductivity...

So, school started, I didn't go to J-expo where all the cool kids went or to Kcon coz I'm an old man and decided to be a hermit to recover from AX and Nisei Week. Oh yeah, I did go to Nisei Week. Oops photos are on my instagram and on my PC. I didn't really catch any cosplayer other than my sister so she has photos up on her FB.I'll link it as soon as I remember.. owoll Nisei Week was too hot and crowded to really do anything. Curry House was great as always and very filling.

I did this to my dog:

Hes gonna grow up to slay titans...He just needs his emblem and working on the gears then hes done. Maybe hoping to bring him to PMX since if I recall correctly the hotel is pet friendly :D eh eh eh?! 
but I need to get through Dream of Doll and another cosplay before I can go back to working on this little guys gears 

look at me wasting company time making blog entries that are useless when you probably seen these on IG and Tumblr. Oops. 

Took a break from playing Dynasty Warriors and I picked up the new map pack for COD over the weekend though I probably only clocked in less than 10 hrs on the entire game as of late .__. and I'm most likely behind on my reading again for school coz I decided reading RAW scans of Shingeki was more important orz....
and browsing tumblr for wigs...and among other stuff....and shamelessly browsing for new makeup to refill and replenish all the other pans I've hit )':

with the new shingeki obsession Anh has made it a point to make us costest at 12am most nights LOOO ok idk why but I guess in a way its easier to do it when everyone is asleep. Less judgy stares when you don't have a room ಠ___ಠ

Better off cos testing NANA looo hurpdurp. Also did a makeup test for Levi but its not for me, I needed to practice before I get to mess with Ash's face .__. I'm not postng photos of it here lawwwls
had to use some mad eyelid tape to get moe eyes and to get sleepy angry slanty eyes for Levi. Could use more work but hueeeee
Need new lenses and a wig lol. Wore purple lenses but luckily they turned purple on the photo hurhurhur and used a old sebby wig oops 

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