Monday, May 12, 2014

Mayday birthday updates

Forever backlogged and late  to updates. I probably keep going back and saying how I have so much backlogs and draft posts that hasn't seen the light of day... but we'll get there QwQ
Fanime is coming up and I got a ton of commission to finish prior to that. Anime Matsuri has come  and gone and omg yeah I got a post for that coming up too thats probably sitting in draft mode too. A couple of batch photos sitting on lightroom to be edited too and reviews to go through the road to fanime is a long one. The road to finals is also just as annoying and long. Thankfully their projects and not exactly paper exams or I'd probably just die. Atleast with projects I can cry about them. Test. I can cry about them but doubt I'll retain much information lol....but in honor of me turning another year older and not another year wiser I'm gonna go ahead and procrastinate some more  on the patterns I need to be drafting and instead, am gonna sit here and write an update...which unfortunately I didn't even finish and left on draft mode so here I am not re-attempting to finish this upahah like seriously, where does the time go? who has the time to do this anymore. QwQ....

But I guess a lot has happened and not happened in the last few months following AM and I guess another of events to come as well in the coming months and summer. *Hopefully* and hopefully like most bloggers, I'll make a sad attempt to be more active. And also, wow I really need to revamp the layout or at least the banner! jeez. Not to mention my own DA account has been more or less neglected uwu.... SO LETS START THE INSTAGRAM DUMP COZ. I'M LAZY!

So right around the end of last month I finally caved and braved it and got a tattoo! Whoo! I know people have mixed feelings about them but w/e. I got my first one last month and my 2nd one just a few days prior to this entry actually. The first one I got a sketchy design of Vivienne Westwoods iconic logo on my collar bone area and yeah it actually went over my collar bone. I've debated about this for quite sometime (years even - design, placement and etc) and I finally caved and got it! And for my birthday my brother from another mother Ying for me another one! A kanji on my inner forearm that read "戦士" or "warrior/soldier" theres a lot of meaning behind this and I don't feel the need to interpret it for anyone else. 

And its definitely not going to stop there! I got plans for more and bigger pieces in the future *w* 
pain wise, it is as how people describe it. A hot needle dragging across your skin for the most part. Take a sewing needle and do  tiny scratch marks on your arm or a long drag is basically how it feels. The one on my collar bone, I'm not gonna say it didn't hurt but it was definitely tolerable :D I dont know how much I'm looking forward to if I get some intense shading done but nonethe less stoked though. I think the reason why I hesitated this long; well clearly the sad disapproving looks from your parents (it doesnt get any easier the older you get ahaha) and the negative connotation tattoos get throughout society AND to top it off; cosplay (probably?) but throw caution to the wind and just do it.

Also as part of my birthday I treated myself to some LUSH products and I can already say I AM A LUSH CONVERT. GOOD BYE BODY SHOP. HELLO LUSH *w* and more you guessed it, more Westwood! Last weekend I also went to All Saints with a friend and Neeman Marcus and oh boy. Its all over now. I still want more Chrome Hearts (I got a new CH necklace but no photo oh noes) I also want / need new RHS coz mine took a beating through Matsuri but I fixed them with glue aha...

Actually JK. I still like a few products from Body Shop and truly believe in their products but I was looking for a new pick-me up and was getting quite bored or unimpressed with the sheet masks and much prefer the thicket pasty masks coz IDK I feel the grosser it is, the better it is for your skin?! AHA. Well, I use to make my own masks; yogurt oatmeal honey or matcha yogurt oatmeal and etc but was getting tired of having to always mix a new batch. And wanted to try something new. I picked up 2 things; brazen honey and cosmetic warrior.

and samples galore from the Body Shop since that was the first place I hit with the intent on finding a new face mask but I wanted to try 2 different once. typically in a face mask I look for; anti blemish, pore cleansing/deep cleaning and must leave skin brighter and moisturized! Of course theres not a all-in-one product for this so I had to clearly look at 2 different types. But I'm saving these samples (I got the seaweed one and tea tree one from Body shop for Fanime when I travel since I can't exactly travel with the LUSH ones)

The lady at LUSH was  really *nice* I think I met my new skin care BFF lol she was really nice and sat me down and tried samples on my hand and gave me a generous sample of their Herbalism cleanser and moisturizer WHICH YOU ALREADY KNOW I'M GOING TO GO BACK FOR COZ BYE BYE BODY SHOP OVO CLEANSER, HELLO LUSH!

Oh more on the mask; cosmetic warrior is anti blemish- has a funky smell to it but if you're used to au naturale masks you're gonna easily get used to that funk and lets get real, its not that bad.

The next one I got which is my absolute favorite is Brazen Honey, it has almost on it, honey and I think oats?? As per description, great for tired skin and needs for that pick-me-up. SOLD SOLD SOLD. They even have a chocolate one which I wont lie, it sounds deliciously tempting OvO maybe I'll ask for a sample next time I'm there ehehe...

My friend got me my HG primer/pore minimizer from Body Shop. I like this cos it DOES come with tea tree extract so I don't have to worry about my face potentially breaking out. QwQ I've tried a lot of different primers but this is definitely my go to on a daily basis.

and finally caved and got a Urban Decay color (I have the Naked palette but uweee) pot :o so buttery soft. So so so buttery soft. I can see why its sold at a few dollars more than Mac colors.

Food pr0n and condensed makeup shopping hauls from the past month(s)
judging doge selfies
and a view of Houston during the weekend of Anime Matsuri
I really did thorougly enjoyed my stay at Houston despite the unpredictable weather
I absolutely hated the con, organization was atrocious
upcoming rant soon

birthday dessert cake ice cream delio :o

I wonder if Hipsters who wear flower crowns ever feel like the Chiquita banana lady?... coz I surely felt like I did...made these last night all for under $3 lol...I also threw some teal spray and glitter on the blue set.  I'm tempted to throw blood splatters on the red x white one....

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