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Rewind: Anime Matsuri 2014


Its only been how many months since Matsuri and you're finally getting an update from me. Whut. AhAHA. And look, no HQ photos tho  AHAHA wow (their on my other PC and I'll probably make a seperate posts anyway with more of the other photos)
I am an awkward potato who will probably take ages to write this and I still have photos left on my other I'm sorry I'm relying on IG to let me remember this lolol....not that I really took a lot of photos while I was there tbh /: I was running around press and the convention was just...POORLY ORGANIZED. I can go on a whole tangent rant about it but I'm sure everyone and their mom has heard about it. I'll just break it down real quickly:

  • No communication with the staff - lines were unorganized
  • Events ran HOURS late
  • Staff was uninformed/unprepared
  • Press was mistreated
Pros though: Food trucks, good people, good company, good drinks and hanging out with the band. Yes.

our flight was really early in the morning like 6AM early from LAX and I was coming up from SD and Toshi came all the way down from Stockton. It was brutal. Not really. We hanged out at Dennys for a good few hours before heading over to LAX and it was a pleasant 5 hr flight?? IDK we both slept the entire ride over coz wow 6am flights. What is that. But it was thoroughly exciting to be leaving CA. I think we both were pretty much spazzing out to be out of CA for once and for a con too!

The weekend prior to AM I was scheduled to move to a new apartment and look how barren it was lol! It was definitely hectic trying to finish sewing, moving, packing and then packing for AM ahahaha what. So when I came back from AM (I was sick prior to leaving and was even sicker coming back ahaha yolo mode) that I didn't bother even getting the room together till a month or two into living there. Wow. Yeah.  And I am still horrendously back logged from AM that I still got quite a bit of photos to go through and several other shoots/events after that. So these entries will be pretty much all over the place and probably spammed out throughout the year....aha...wei....

one of the highlights of the con for me was the food and obviously the people. Not too fond of the weird weather lol. It was raining then sunshine then rain again. But oh well, it was during Winter/Spring ish so I guess? But it was very convenient that the food trucks were all posted right outside my hotel. Holler and the house of blues was also down the street from our hotel. Yum
Chicken waffles with spicey mayo and banana nutella waffles from the food truck. Grilled chicken ceasar salad from the house of blues and some fruity drink ahaha

I think one of our biggest worry leaving CA to fly into a con was just not knowing where everything or anything is AHAH or even how to get from our airport to the actual con, I didnt realize that Southwest flies into its own airport exclusively away from the regular airport ovo;; but luckly enough sister-in-law lives in Houston and was nice enough to pick us up and take us to get Subway during our flight in QwQ Godblessssss we didn't have time to really go shop for provisions since she was taking a long break from work to pick us up and take us to the con uwu;; its ok, we survived off the food trucks but this taught me to /pack/ some snacks even if its gonna be in my check-in coz wow. I didnt even know where the nearest store was by the hotel and the hotel didnt have a shuttle system but all taxis. Fuck no ):

I have some other photos from the con but didn't quite make it in this entry again I'll have to go back in and redo those...or something ahaha. When we got the con day 0 it was quite nice being able to take in the place and whatnot. But wow I think a good chunk of our time was spent waiting in line! Now was the beginning of the downfall for me /:

There was no visible lines for press, or a press packet for us press people. I also bought a regular badge since we didn't get the OK for press till like, 2 weeks prior to the con and when I had asked for a refund there was no reply on their email, facebook or even twitter. Whut. So I ended up with 2 badges /: uh ok....and they had shoved Press people in the same line as the upgraded pass people but for some reason regular pass holder lines were moving *so much* quicker than our when we were asking them questions no one could give us any distinct answer so I eventually gave up and walked away...
I don't even remember what we had for dinner that night, probably the left over subways sandwhiches we had??? aah idk but leslie flew in the night before lol and wasnt able to check into the hotel till we got there aha...but the hotel staff was quite friendly in comparison to most hotel staffs in CA! ahaha I feel CA hotels are so done with us con goers! WOW.

I don't even remember when Ying flew in AHAHA I like to think it was the evening of Day 0?? AhaHA coz I remember Day 1 being a cluster fuck ahaha I had to clock in some work time while at the hotel so good thing I brought my laptop with me and the hotel offered AT&T wifi woohoo so I was able to work from my hotel room but the hotel did provide free macs to use downstairs OvO! Toshi was still hard at work on her cosplays uwu;; and had taken over the hotel room simultaneously working on Tidus and Dragoon...

More foods from the food truck! We even got to hang with the band at the bar right downstairs of our hotel. Nice nice. No photos pls.  Sakito and Hitsugi were both pretty chill
I'll be posting the concert photos on another entry.

Photos taken from Toshi coz I'm a potato and am too lazy to edit my set right now. So this will do for now ahahaha...

You can tell how rushed and lazy this entry was...I'll probably go back and edit this later with more text ahah. What is that. But I guess I'll see you guys later at AX!?!?! I still got Fanime to edit and another shoot right before that...

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