Thursday, July 17, 2014

Anime Matsuri | Nightmare Concert

Months later I'm finally uploading these here, I originally threw these on my facebook fanpage but its finally making its way here - hopefully minus the terrible FB quality holler.

My dA and Flckr account are both still suffering from neglect as is this web blog but I can't believe how long I've had this or have been blogging its interesting looking back at all the older entries when we use to use crappy cellphone photos as photos. AHAHA. Wow. ok lets just not go there ok? lol

The show was pretty tight from what I recall minus the crappy organization on the concert venue. There was no press area and no designated barrier for the most part to keep fans away from the stage unless you consider security as barrier /:

I dont even recall the set list they played but they def. played the 'Death Note' song aha. New World was it?...yeah sadly I'm not a die hard Nightmare fan but it was nice to see quite a number of them there *v*

I ended up giving up my spot on the front to wonder around the 'concert hall' to get a few shots from different angles and somehow ended up next to Reika and Akira at one point but I didn't notice it was them till the concert ended. Welp. Was too busy photographer mode I guess QwQ;;;

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