Monday, July 21, 2014

Dream of Doll Cosplay Notes!

I don't see alot of people doing cosplay write ups anymore that or I'm simply become so lazy and socially inept that I dont care or just cannot keep up. That or everyone just buys alot of their costumes nowadays QwQ I see alot more prop blogs popping up and bless them though~~~
and IDK maybe I just really dont keep up with alot of cosplayers nowadays since basically I'm in and out of the scene but I feel I'm slowly getting back to it (wowI say that) but I really am not as hardcore in terms of busting them out as I use to...its a fun expensive and rewarding hobby I guess but I digress as always!

This post is meant for me to basically ramble and do notes on one of the dream cosplays that I've been planning for *years* and am glad that its finally done and I need to patiently wait  for the day we can reshoot or when Ruiki can reshoot it with another photographer or SOMETHING and get some good photos~ I was somehow dragged / suckered into doing Delphine as well. AHAHA POTATO Delphine sobs.

The pattern for Ducan was all drafted using flat pattern technique and draping. Mostly draping though since the model I was working with is not any where near me and I was too scared to YOLO it too much so I actually admittedly remade the white collar piece 2-3x coz I was just not happy with it. Its an odd shape/look??? And I had to take liberties on how it would look, keeping in mind I was trying to keep the construction and look of it somewhat realistic or plausible...

The vest pretty much is a no brainer in terms of drafting 
but as you can tell from the photos of the cosplayer below (oops. I made it too short)
but its ok, coz Godbless my model is fabulous AHAHA

The coat pattern I drafted from scratch. I started with the basic silhoutte and did the slit circle skirt technique to get the full effect on the bottom of the coat and attached them together to make one big pattern before transferring everything to the fabric. It may not make alot of senses in terms of what terminilogy I'm using but if you want me to draft you an idea of how the pattern looks, I'd be more than happy to. Its a very similar pattern I used for Ky Kiske and other coat cosplays that require a big bottom that gives you the 'vampire swoosh' effect or so I like to call it :D....


I took some liberties with the costume and the best part (imho) is the lining and you probably can't see them in the photos here but I used a heavy twill fabric for  the overall coat, I had originally contemplated on using a full leather or pvc but I'm glad I went with the heavy twill instead and I used a black rose brocade fabric as inner lining. Why use such fancy material for the lining? For the sole reason for when the cosplayer walks and the coat FLIES in the air of course! AHAHA

All photos and editing done by me. I'm really hoping to get better shots of this costume in the future and hopefully then we'd have elf ears with us a curling iron so we can curl the wig! AHAH The straightener trick just wasn't cutting it...

I am /very/ happy with the results and how she embodied the doll Ducan quite well in my opinion *w* I'm looking forward to making more costumes in the future~

Now to move onto potato Delphine. Tbh there isn't much to touch on hers as she was more or less 'yolo' mode I'll just leave it at that....wedidntevenshootogetherahaha....but heres my cosplay tests and photos OF Delphine I guess....ish!?!!

The only thing I can tell you is that I wore way too much makeup for Delphine and ahaha it worked. Layer on that Mehron is what I say :DDD

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